Road Report


Darren C. LeBrun, P.E., P.S., Scioto County Engineer, announced the work schedule for the week of July 3, 2017 through July 7, 2017 for the Engineer’s Department.


DRAG PATCHING (weather permitting)

Mt. Hope Road (CR35) in Brush Creek and Rarden Townships on Monday, July 3rd. Traffic will maintained with the use of flaggers.


Junior Furnace – Powellsville Road and Haverhill – Ohio Furnace Road in Green Township.

Cook Road in Valley Township.

Lucasville – Minford Road in Jefferson, Madison and Valley Townships,

Piketon Road in Madison Township.



Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road (CR184) in Jefferson Township at the 0.56 to 1.03 mile markers continues to be closed through Thursday, December 1st, 2017. Portsmouth Joint Venture is excavating road embankment for construction of Ohio State Route 823 and constructing a bridge.

Ohio River Road (CR503) in Porter Township is continuing with single lane traffic through Tuesday, August 1st. Portsmouth Joint Venture is constructing mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and completing a full width reconstruction of the roadway. Hastings Hill Road is fully open to traffic during the closure.

Lucasville – Minford Road (CR28) in Madison Township continues to be closed through Tuesday, August 1st day and night. The closure allows Portsmouth Joint Venture to do mass excavation activities and reconstruction of Lucasville – Minford Road. The location is between Flowers – Ison Road (TR381) and Rases Mountain Drive (TR1570). Rases Mountain Drive is now open to thru traffic at the intersection with Lucasville – Minford Road.

Swauger Valley – Minford Road (CR31) in Harrison Township continues to have flagging operations through Saturday, July 15th. The location of the flagging is between Bond Road (TR232) and Shumway Hollow (TR234). Flaggers will be utilized to stop traffic for Artic truck crossing and construction access into the SR-823 right of way.

Please call the Engineer’s office with any questions or concerns at (740) 259-5541 or you can visit us on the web at