NW’s Patty at top of cake

Northwest’s Shae Patty drives down the floor against Eastern in a prior contest. Patty averaged 9.5 points, six assists and five rebounds per contest as the Lady Mohawks’ point guard this past season.

Northwest’s Shae Patty clears the bar in a prior track and field meet. Patty cleared five feet, two inches in the high jump to finish 11th in the OHSAA Division II State Meet.

To be a standout athlete and person on the field of play, as well as in the classroom, the person in question must put in the effort and time necessary to be great at what he or she does.

Throughout the course of her career as a Northwest Lady Mohawk, multi-sport standout Shae Patty has been a leader for the girls basketball and track and field units for the McDermott-based school — while maintaining the very qualities that will make her a success in life — all in one fellow swoop.

But when one attends Northwest, as Patty does, the drive to succeed and represent her school in the right manner comes from growing up in a tight-knit community that is passionate about putting the Mohawk name on the map in the best way possible.

“To be a Mohawk, you have to be strong, and you have to push through the obstacles that come your way,” Patty said. “As far as sports are concerned, it’s nice to have a coach like (Dave) Frantz who has your back and knows that we can overcome the barriers that we’re facing, not just in sports, but in life, as well.”

It’s that very mindset and overall thought process, however, that has Frantz — the girls basketball and track and field head coach as well as the athletic director of the school — amazed at the person that he has gotten to know over the last four years.

“Shae’s not just a complete athlete, but a complete person,” Frantz said. “She’s one of those kids that you just dream of coaching. She’s such a good person, and it doesn’t matter who the person is or where the person come from, she’ll treat him or her the same way she treats everybody else. It’s great to see someone who lives their life the right way and chooses to do right by others.”

By looking at the senior’s overall body of work in both sports, it’s clear that Patty has maintained a driven and dedicated attitude.

During her final season of play for Northwest, the senior showed off a well-rounded game at the point guard position by averaging 9.5 points, six assists, and five rebounds per contest for the Lady Mohawks en route to obtaining Division III All-Southeast District Special Mention honors, along with District 14 Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Honorable Mention accolades to cap off her high school hoops career in a fine fashion.

“I put a lot on Shae’s shoulders (in basketball) this past year,” Frantz said. “However, that’s because I knew that she could handle it. She has been through the pressures of performing on big stages and has handled the stress of those situations quite well.”

That’s evident in spades, especially in a sport that Patty has excelled at on a statewide realm — track and field — a sport that the senior wasn’t even planning to participate in.

“I wasn’t going to participate in track and field my sophomore year, but (Dave) Frantz and (Chris) Enz really wanted me to,” Patty said. “So I decided to do it.”

Over the past two seasons of her high school career, Patty has recorded 11 top-five and 14 top-ten finishes for Northwest in the 30 meets that the senior has participated in, including two victories in the four-by-200 relay and another win in the four-by-100. The 5-8 standout, along with former teammate Shawnacy McGuire, played a huge role in taking home each of the relay events offered at the Southern Ohio Conference Meet back on May 12, 2015 to cap off an excellent day for the Lady Mohawks.

Despite all of those successes, however, it is the high jump that seems to best showcase the kind of mental toughness and pure athleticism that Patty brings to the table.

I was kind of nervous at first (about participating in the high jump),” Patty said. “However, with my background and cheerleading skills, it kind of came naturally.”

As a sophomore, the do-it-all talent recorded a first-place showing, two second-place finishes, and two third-place marks in the first five meets that Patty ever participated in as a Lady Mohawk.

During that same timeframe, Patty increased her overall high jump mark from a consistent four feet, 10 inches in her first meet to a five feet, two inch mark and a personal best in the Division II, Seventh Region Championships on May 30 of the same year to qualify for the state meet.

After finishing 13th in her sophomore campaign at the OHSAA Division II Meet, Patty came back strong in her junior season by matching her personal best in each of her first pair of meets — the Minford Invitational and the OHSAA Division II Southeast District Meet — to grab first place honors.

Patty then set her new personal best of five feet, three inches en route to a fourth-place finish at the Division II, Seventh Region Championships and notched another five feet, two inch mark in the state meet to improve her finishing position from 13th in 2015 to 11th last year.

“It’s been a big surprise for me,” Patty said. “It’s just a really cool experience to have qualified for and participated in the district, regional, and state levels in the first two years that I’ve ever participated in the high jump. I hope to continue that as a senior.”

“Shae is such a coachable kid,” Frantz said. “Chris Enz, our girls track and field coach, works really hard with Shae on her technique. She listens to him, goes out, and does what is asked of her. It’s the same way with the long jumping, which I coach personally. She’ll go up there a couple of times, and she’ll make it look like she’s been doing it for years. If you see a little flaw, she fixes it. That takes a special athlete to do that, but it also shows the kind of attitude that she has, as well.”

So what’s her biggest flaw in the sport, if there are any?

“She cheers everybody else on too much,” Frantz said, laughing. “She’s too nice. She’s just an awesome kid.”

That, however, is evident in the additional roles that Patty has tried to fulfill in order to be a successful young lady.

In her addition to her basketball and track and field exploits, the senior holds high marks in the classroom, having made the A Honor Roll in eight nine-week periods over her first three years of school — while participating in both extracurriculars and holding down a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken on the side. And that doesn’t even take into account her cheerleading accomplishments, where the senior was part of the 2016 OASSA Division III Mount Cheerleading State Championship squad.

Which are all testaments to an individual who has shown how proud she is of her small community.

“I’ve been blessed with great teachers, coaches, and friends,” Patty said. “It’s just a great blessing to look back and see all of the things that I’ve conquered and the memories that I have made with my friends. As my senior year comes to an end, I am looking forward to reminisicing on the fond memories and relationships that we’ve all made together at Northwest.”

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