State forests get recertified

It was announced exclusively to the Community Common that all 21 state forests in Ohio have met international rectification standards.

In Ohio all state forests are under the management of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Forestry including Shawnee and Brush Creek State Forests in Scioto County.

The rectification came from auditors from Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, examined the states management practices for state forests.

“They (auditors) came and spent a week here and examined all parts of our state forest management and declared we’re in compliance with those two international standards,” said Greg Guess deputy chief of the ODNR Division of Forestry.

Guess said having theses certifications something ODNR Division of Forestry is very proud of.

Collectively Ohio’s 21 state forests span more than 200,000 acres and are certified for the next five years.

According to information provided by ODNR, forest certification is a scientific, independent review process that ensures standards are met for responsible forest management.

Both certification systems allow tagging of forest products that ensure to a purchaser that the certification body standards were met in producing the product. Certification of Ohio’s state forests enables the increased marketability of products by Ohio’s private forest industry.

“This shows that our forests are well managed and that’s something we’ve maintained since we’ve had state forests,” Guess said.

According to ODNR, harvesting, milling and manufacture of wood into paper, furniture and wood products employs more than 118,000 Ohioans and contributes $22 billion to the state’s economy. Forest-based tourism and recreation create countless more jobs, add millions of dollars to the state’s economy and enhance the overall quality of life.

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