Skincare for the ages


I love writing about the things I am asked about all the time. This topic is no exception. “Tarrah, what should I be doing for my skin?” Now, I have to preface with a bit of a generic statement, in that it depends on your skin type, skin condition and lifestyle. However, there are some general rules of thumb that we can apply for every decade of our lives & why we should start then.

My second generic disclaimer is the use of SPF from birth, on! This is literally the most important, preventative, anti-aging component, it is scientifically proven.

Let’s begin by looking at the key components for our 20’s. The basics: cleanser, toner, exfoliator, moisturizer and SPF.

It is important to start the habit of a good routine in our 20’s, but keep skin type in mind. Using a mild facial cleanser, a toner ( which should be used for pH regulation, so no alcohol or witch hazel, please), and an oil free moisturizer 2 times a day are ideal. Introducing a light-weight eye gel or cream is also a great benefit. The exfoliation piece will depend on your skin, also; however, an acid exfoliant is great for acneic skin (our personal favorite is Mandelic Acid), or a physical exfoliant (scrub) would be good for other skin types. This product is typically used 2-3 times a week for best results. Keeping the skin’s surface well hydrated allows it to be more “pliable” to maintain it’s bounce for years to come. Pro treatments should be done every “season”.

Between ages 25-30, our body experiences major signaling changes that slows our process way down. This time in our life not only brings changes to the way our skin functions, but we also start experiencing actual losses, primarily with our collagen. Yikes! It is estimated we lose 1% of our collagen every year, beginning at age 25.

Along with our skincare routine for our 20’s, once in our 30’s we will now want to look at adding a product for pigmentation and changing our exfoliant. Vitamin A not only exfoliates the skin, but it is also a powerful antioxidant (protects the skin’s numerous processes). Vitamin A (retinaldehyde can be found in our Osmosis serums or Face Reality Serum) also can aid in removing extra pigment in the top layers of skin. The addition of either a Vitamin C product and/ or a tyrosinase inhibitor is also key to age prevention. These ingredients work at a deeper level by stopping the formation of new pigment. Professional treatments should be every 6-8 weeks during this phase of life.

By age 40, we are looking at not only age prevention, but also corrective measures. Professional treatments should be considered at 4 week intervals. Your esthetician should be on your “favorites” list in your contacts. They can help give you the guidance you need through this decade where it is estimated we will lose up to 1/3 of our collagen. Along with our skincare routine concepts from the previous 2 decades, an increase of powerful antioxidants (Replenish from Osmosis is the BEST!) will be key, along with an increase of hydration, through richer moisturizers and eye creams.

Age 50+ brings this statement to my treatment table most days, “I am too old to try and fix everything now. I might as well not use SPF, bake in the sun, wash my face with my body soap, etc.”. And my response is “It’s never to late to try!” Good skincare systems are not just about never looking older. Great products and treatments keep skin healthy! Our skin is our body’s 1st line of defense against attacks. Lastly, good products will keep your skin comfortable. And a little glow is beautiful (& youthful) at every age!

Tarrah Bouts is licensed esthetician and the owner of Amelia Gray Skincare & Cosmetics.