“Embracing and taming your powerful tongue for 2019 success

I was reminded by mom “think before you speak”

The Good book and studies share that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Your tongue is one of the smallest body parts with the greatest amount of power!

Studies continue to share that your tongue has the ability to make or break a spirit.

As you embrace this year setting your personal and business goals, consider your unachieved goals in the previous year. Were the results due to a lack of planning, timing, or poor communication?

I was reminded by Les Brown (an internationally known speaker) that there can be no “new” year without a “new” you. What will you do differently?

After reviewing the results of your previous year, consider your communication style and relationships needed to achieve your goals and vision.

Consider how you could have responded differently with your powerful tongue as your great resource for connecting and encouragement.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the benefits of embracing and taming your powerful resource the tongue.

Studies show the following:

1. A consistent and encouraging tone results in a relaxed mindset with a new self-image using creativity from vivid descriptive feedback.

2. A patient tongue, through timing of your response, allows your contact to hear the message without pressure and to visualize possibilities as well as choices.

3. And finally, consistency and timing of your tongue leads to a trusting relationship and resource.

After considering the benefits of taming your tongue, you now have the choice to (1) respond without thought, preparation, timing, or consideration of consequences or (2) use consistent encouragement, patience, and timing to produce a meaningful healthy relationship and resource.

I hope you choose the latter for 2019 success!

In closing, in making your decision to tame your powerful tongue, we have been reminded that people may not remember “exactly” what you said; however, they will “never” forget how you made them feel.

Jumpstart your brain; jumpstart your life!

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For more information on your amazing brain, refer to “How the Brain Learns” (David Sousa) and “The New Science of Learning: How to Live in Harmony with your Brain” (Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek), as well as the Journal of Psychology “mindset development” Seaton, Fiona. Educational Psychology in Practice Volume: 34 Issue 1 (2018) ISSN: 0266-7363 Online ISSN: 1469-5839Reach Marcia Harris, MA, CLL of YOUnique Whole Brain Life Skill, LLC and Time Out for Me, Inc. at 740-353-8056.