Website puts city among ‘Best for Renters’

Website has reviewed 184 places across the state of Ohio, searching for the best cities for renters. According to its final report, the website places Portsmouth 16th on that list.

With over 280 people per square mile, Ohio’s population makes it one of the densest states in the U.S., and that headcount is driving high demand for rental housing. The cost to rent in Ohio, which has over 200 colleges and five large metropolitan areas, has increased 6 percent to a median of $718 from 2010 to 2013, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. About 42 percent of renters in the state send over a third of their income to a landlord. Financial advisors typically suggest spending less than a third of income on housing costs.

To help those searching for a place to rent, has crunched the numbers to find the best cities in Ohio.

According to the website, college towns dominate. School is definitely in session in this state. College towns consistently made our list as they provide local hubs of employment, as well as flexible and affordable markets for renters. Short commutes were also key factors in the report. The top 10 places on the list had an average commute time of 18 minutes, which is lower than many other states we’ve analyzed.

NerdWallet also reviewed rental availability, work accessibility, price-to-rent ratio, and median rent cost of areas with a population of 10,000 or more.

The top 10 cities for renters, as ranked by, are Bowling Green (No. 1), Oxford (2), Athens (3), Bexley (4), Upper Arlington (5), Findlay (6), Cincinnati (7), Wooster (8), Norwood (9), and Marietta (10).

Portsmouth placed No. 16 on the list, between Sylvannia (15) and Greenville (17).

Bottoming out the list was Hudson (184), Mark CDP (183), Powell (182), Aurora (181), Seven Hills (180), Monroe (179), Bay Village (178), Vermilion (177), South Euclid (176), and Brecksville (175).