Wheelersburg Board of Education

The Wheelersburg Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, October 26, 2015 at the Central Office on Center Street.

Special Acknowledgements and Recognitions

* Donna Cunningham was presented an award from representatives of the Ohio School Boards Association for fifteen (15) years of service as a member of the Wheelersburg Board of Education.

Approval of minutes of previous meetings:

* Regular Meeting – September 28, 2015

Business and Recommendations Presented by the Treasurer:

* Approval of September 2015 Financial Report

* Acceptance of Donations from Buddy Clark, Laura Weston, Randell Daniels, Gary Griffin, Jeffrey & Deborah McCain, Janice Bohmler, Student Paths, Erica McCain & Associates of Ohio, Wheelersburg Athletic Association, MOPS, Jonathan Eaton, Southern Ohio Restaurant Corporation—McDonalds, Matthew Miller

* Approval of Contract

* Approval of Five-Year Forecast

Business and Recommendation Presented by the Local Superintendent:

* Employment of Substitute Teachers

* Approval of Resolutions

* Approval of Supplemental Duty Contracts

* Employment of Substitute Support Staff

* Acceptance of Resignation

* Employment of Instructional Aides

* Employment of Latchkey Aides

Old Business of the Board:

* Second Reading of the following Board Policies:

DN, School Properties Disposal

GCN-2, Evaluation of Professional Staff

IGBE, Remedial Instruction

IGBEA, Reading Skills Assessments and Intervention

IKE, Promotion and Retention of Students

IKF, Graduation Requirements

New Business of the Board:

* First Reading of the following Board Policies:

LC, Relations with Education Research and Service Centers

LC-E, Research Request Form

The Board of Education will meet in regular session on November 23, 2015 at 6 PM at the Board Office on Center Street.