New Skip Hickman Youth Foundation Fund

The Scioto Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Skip Hickman Youth Foundation Fund. The new fund has been created by Hickman’s daughter Tiffany Newsome with inspiration and assistance from her fifth grade teaching colleagues at Portsmouth Elementary School. The fund commemorates her father’s compassion and support of extracurricular activities for children in Portsmouth, Ohio.

The fund document stipulates that amounts to be distributed from the fund shall be paid to the Portsmouth City Schools for the sole benefit of children in need. A distribution committee will be created consisting of Newsome, two Portsmouth Elementary School employees, two Portsmouth Junior High/High School employees, and one employee from East Portsmouth Elementary. The selection committee will meet on an “as needed” basis to determine how the monies will be spent.

“The fifth grade team that I teach with at Portsmouth Elementary contacted me

about wanting to set something up in my dad’s memory through the Scioto

Foundation. They scheduled the meeting with Patty Tennant and Kim Cutlip. Then, they invited my mom and myself to attend to establish the details,” said Newsome. “They wanted to handle the fundraising side of it so we wouldn’t have to worry about that, but they wanted

to make sure that it was set up the way that we wanted it done. They have been

so supportive of me and my family through all of this and it really means a lot

to us that they got the ball rolling with the foundation.”

Members of the PES fifth grade teaching team who helped set up the fund included Alison Tennant, Bill Vest, Jane Brandel, Jeri Hughes, Kelsey McFarland and April Clemmons.

“Once money is ready to be distributed, I will be putting together a committee of

school district employees to review and decide upon each need that is submitted.

I will be the family representative on the committee. However, my mom, my

husband, my brother, my aunt, and other people close to our family will be kept aware of

what is going on with the fund,” Newsome explained.

“The fund is going to be used to assist students of the Portsmouth City Schools with such things as (but not limited to) band instruments, field trip fees, sports equipment, Little

League fees, Pee Wee Football fees, etc. My dad spent his entire adult life

working with and helping the youth of our area. I don’t remember a time when he

wasn’t involved with at least one organization that worked to better things for

kids. I don’t think that there could be a better way to honor his memory than

to give back to the students of the Portsmouth City Schools,” Newsome said.

“I miss my dad terribly and I could never fill the shoes that he left behind. However, this fund will allow me the chance to carry on his legacy and help generations of Portsmouth Trojans that will never have the privilege of meeting him,” Newsome concluded.

Walter Richard “Skip” Hickman, Jr. was born on September 21, 1942 in Portsmouth, the son of the late Walter R. and Delia Smith Hickman, Sr. He died on October 21, 2015. Hickman was a 1961 graduate of Portsmouth High School and a graduate of the Ashland, KY

Barber College. A member of the PHS Athletic Hall of Fame, he was the longtime voice of the Portsmouth Trojans and the Shawnee State University Bears.

Very involved in the community and schools, Hickman was past president of the Portsmouth City Board of Education, the former McKinley Middle School PTA, the former Highland School PTA and the former Scioto County Joint Vocational School. He was also past president of the PHS Trojan Boosters Club, Eastern Division Little League and Civic Forum. He was active in Little League and a member of the former Del Rice League Board of Directors. He coached and officiated athletics at all levels in the community.

He was retired from Glockner Enterprises and was employed by WNXT Radio as a sports broadcaster and the host of “Saturday Morning Sports Line.” Hickman attended Cornerstone United Methodist Church where he was involved in the Men’s Fellowship group and helped with the food bank.

Hickman was married to his wife Patty for 52 years. They have two children, Tiffany Newsome of Portsmouth and Greg Hickman of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and two grandchildren.

Additions to the fund may be made by alumnae, friends, family and supporters of the Portsmouth City Schools in the form of gifts of cash, securities or property to the fund at any time. Further information about the Skip Hickman Foundation Fund or other planned giving opportunities may be obtained by contacting Cutlip or Tennant at the Scioto Foundation office, (740) 354-4612 or by visiting the SF website at