Minford wins middle schools quiz bowl

Submitted Photo Front Row: Lorelei Martin and Kourtney Sherman. Back Row: Coach Ms. Theresa Havens, Brody Pack, Reece Lauder, Devin Parker, Levi Coriell, Jimmy Adams, Garrett Koverman.

Submitted Photo Front Row: Carly Stapleton, Lyndsay Hiembach, Serena Kataria, Paisley French. Back Row: Coach Ms. Jerri Cummings, Alex Thomas, Brock Brumfield, Sean Little, Eli Jones, Nathan Sylvia, Raj Kataria

The Minford team went undefeated at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (ESC) Middle School Quiz Bowl Tournament Wednesday, Oct. 28, to keep hold of its county champion status.

Seventy-five students competed from eight school districts, including Minford, West, Wheelersburg, Green, Northwest, Valley, New Boston, and Notre Dame.

“There are different categories, and for the middle school, which is fifth and sixth grade, it’s reading vocabulary, geography, life science, fine arts, mathematics, spelling, physical science, world history, grammar, and current events. Then there’s a lightning round that can include questions from any category,” said Sharee Price, director of the ESC Gifted Services Department.

The first seed of tournament was played in two rounds, where both Minford and Wheelersburg finished undefeated 2-0 to advance to the finals. Minford won the final play, holding onto their title as county champions which they secured in last year’s tournament.

Minford Middle School Quiz Bowl Coach Theresa Havens said practice is the key to their success.

“My students are ate-up with practice. We practice nearly every day after school and at lunch. We also arrange scrimmages with as many other schools as possible. A lot of schools may have one or two scrimmages, but we’re pretty lucky that our school works with us and that we can get bussing to go to New Boston, Notre Dame, Wheelersburg, or whoever will have us,” Havens said.

She complimented all the students and coaches who participated in the tournament.

“It is always a challenge. I cannot say enough about the other coaches that I work with. They are amazing. It’s just the luck of the questions. It could always be anybody’s game and I can tell you that everyone puts a lot of effort into this. Everybody really works really, really hard with their teams,” Havens said.

The event is organized each year by the Gifted Services Department of the South Central Ohio ESC. In addition to the Middle School Quiz Bowl, the ESC also hosts an annual Junior High Quiz Bowl, and multiple High School Quiz Bowl matches throughout the year. The next competition will be the Junior High Quiz Bowl, on Wednesday, Nov. 4, from 4-8 p.m.

“I think it’s great to recognize students in an area where they’re not usually recognized,” Price said. For more information about the ESC, visit online at www.scoesc.org, or follow on Facebook and Twitter.