Social media campaign shows the dangers of roadwork

COLUMBUS – This summer, the Ohio Department of Transportation began a social media campaign to raise awareness about the state’s “Move Over” law. It’s a law that mandates motorists move over and slow down when vehicles with flashing lights, including highway work crew trucks, are on the side of the road.

The various posts to Facebook and Twitter have been viewed over a million times since July.

ODOT’s latest video features Joan Kiper. Her son, Mark, was an ODOT seasonal worker who was struck and killed in 1997 while working with a crew along U.S. 30 in Wayne County.

“He was actually just getting out of the truck when the truck was hit by a truck that was loaded with steel,” Kiper said. “He had just worked two weeks when the accident happened.”

Last year, there were 5,100 work-zone crashes, leading to more than 1,000 injuries and 17 deaths. So far this year, 25 fatalities have been recorded in Ohio’s roadway work zones.