New Chief and Taco Bell in New Boston

New Boston Village Council Zoom Meeting (left to right)Top: Councilman Ryan Ottney, Councilman Ralph Imes, Councilman Jon Mills Middle: Councilman Dan Fetty, New Councilman Korey Jones, Attorney Justin Blume Bottom: Fire Chief Chris Davis, Interim Police Chief Carl Compton, Councilman Mike Meehan

Taco Bell coming to New Boston.

NEW BOSTON — The Village of New Boston Council held their second regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday evening live-streaming for the public with all members present including new Councilman Korey Jones.

Mayor Junior Williams read the resignation letter of Jacob Emnett as Interim Police Chief, with Councilman Jon Mills making a motion to accept and Councilman Dan Fetty seconded with all in favor. He then read the appointment of Carl Compton as Interim Police Chief. Councilman Mills made a motion for the appointment with a second from Councilman Mike Meehan with all in favor.

”Emnett felt he could do better as lieutenant and second in command and he recommends Compton as chief,” Williams said. “Compton comes highly recommended having been in the United States Marine Corps, he was with the Portsmouth Police Department from 1989-2017 was a Sargeant and training officer, he graduated from the Ohio State University Highway Patrol Academy, he was assigned to work undercover in the drug task force, he wrote the first policy procedural manual for the Portsmouth Police Department, a graduate of Northwestern University Staff and Command School and awarded the criminal leadership award and an instructor for the Southern Ohio Police Academy from 1996 to present.”

Williams asked Compton to take his seat so that the Village Council could speak with him. Compton said that he had already been conversing and working with the mayor. The mayor stated that he had already been a big help since coming aboard. Several of the Councilmen expressed thanks for him and Councilman Mills stated if he needed anything to reach out to any of the council members.

In other business, Williams announced that he had been in talks with Taco Bell and building plans have been submitted and approved for a new Taco Bell going in New Boston right beside Applebees and that they hope to be up and running by June.

Reading of Resolutions was made by Councilman Fetty in the absence of Village Clerk Lana Loper:

Resolution 4-2021-Approving the agreement with the Toole and Associates to promote commercial building department services, and declaring an emergency. Councilman Mills made a motion to suspend the rules with Councilman Ryan Ottney seconding. Councilman Mills making a motion to adopt with Councilman Ottney seconded and all voting in favor.

In new business Councilman Fetty welcomed the newest member of Council, Jones. Councilman Ottney did the same and followed with speaking about the New Boston Village Council about the possibility of meeting in person if the numbers go down in COVID and the county moves into the orange or yellow category. He said that it could possibly just be the council and not open to the public except through the Livestream for public safety. Williams said that they would go on the numbers on the Thursday prior to the Tuesday meeting.

Also in new business, Councilman Meehan wanted to give thanks to the New Boston Service Department for keeping the roads in New Boston and that they were really in good shape thanks to them. He too welcomed Jones.

In final new business, Councilman Jones thanked Council for appointing him among several good candidates and that he is humbled by that. Jones then expressed that he was looking forward to getting to know the members of Council and the progress that they can all make together. He too wanted to thank the service department for the road work.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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