Girl Scout makes beds for dogs

Savannah Williams from Troup #2659, delivering several of the beds that she made for Sierra’s Haven.

Savannah Williams and her father, Mark making the beds.

Savannah Williams posing with the sign at Sierra’s Haven.

PORTSMOUTH — Another local girl scout has earned her silver award after helping out at a local animal shelter in Scioto County.

The Girl Scouts of America is a group that has had some girls here locally doing great things even during the pandemic. Another one of those girls is Savannah Williams from Troop # 2659 with Troop Leader Karen Crum, who took on the making of beds for the dogs out at Sierra’s Haven to attain her silver award in Girl Scouts.

“I worked on dog beds for Sierra’s Haven because I wanted to help them get beds for the animals out there,” Williams said. “I built them from a video on YouTube on how to make them so I could help others learn how to make dog beds. I also made rice socks for the cats out there because when they get neutered or spayed, their body temperature drops, so they put the rice socks around them, which helps them actually get their body temperatures back up and to warm them up.”

To build the rice socks, Williams said she just filled the socks with rice and then tied them up at the top. She said that she didn’t know this about cats until they told her while at Sierra’s Haven. She said she went out there and asked them what they needed that she could make, and that is how she decided to make beds and rice socks.

“We (Williams, her dad, Mark and mom Stacy) made 18 beds by using PVC pipes and my mom ordered material online, but we needed material that you could wash off like waterproof, so they could wash the beds easily,” Williams said. “We made three boxes of rice socks, I don’t know how many, but the boxes were full.”

Williams’ father, Mark, added that he didn’t know the number either, but it was a lot. She said that they worked on the projects all summer and the project took longer than expected because of the pandemic.

Williams shared that she chose Sierra’s Haven for her project because she loves animals and wanted to help animals in any way she could, knowing there are many strays and rescues that need homes.

“I wanted to do something for them to make sure they had something they needed and make them feel more comfortable. I also wanted to help the process of shelters because they do a lot for animals and I know it’s hard for them to give every animal what they need,” Williams said. “I’ve always loved animals ever since I was little. We get stray cats all the time and all of our animals have always been rescues. We even rescued some turtles.”

Williams said that before she made the beds, they gave her a tour of what they had to give her an idea of how to build them and make them for the animals. Williams and her family made many large and medium size beds because small dogs can get on them, but the big dogs couldn’t lay on the smaller beds.

Williams has received her silver award for the project, and she spoke about trying for the gold award in Girl Scouts. She plans to do that and that next time she will try to do something for children because she loves children too.

Looking to the future, Williams said she either wants to be a pediatrician, marine biologist or a veterinarian. She added that she loves marine animals.

“I love animals and I’m happy I was able to help them in some way. I enjoyed this so much. My mom and dad have always been supportive of me and always try to help me,” Williams said.

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