Fluor-BWXT launches new science education program

Tim Poe, FBP Nuclear Operations Manager, helps Western students with an experiment.

Pike County, Ohio- Fluor-BWXT is excited to launch a new science education program aimed at getting local students to start thinking about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) careers.

STEAM Ahead is an interactive, hands-on experience that exposes students to a world of possibilities in science.

“We are excited to help southern Ohio students explore the potential of a STEAM career,” said JD Dowell, FBP Site Project Director. “By going into the classroom and sharing our experiences in science, we hope we can encourage students to start thinking about their futures and how science provides a wide variety of opportunities.”

The pilot program is now underway at the elementary and junior high schools in Pike County’s Western Local School District.

“It’s so important for us to use programs like STEAM Ahead to help emphasize science to our students,” said Bethany Whitt, principal for grades four through six. “Exposure to science is critical to their education. These creative experiments and the chance to talk to the experts really gets them excited about learning.”

During the presentations, students visit with Fluor-BWXT employees who discuss their careers and present various scientific demonstrations to highlight how they use science every day.

“There is a real lack of exposure to different industries and careers in our area,” said Western Superintendent Brock Brewster. “Programs like STEAM Ahead show our students all of the options that are out there that they may not know about. This can help them see how they can use science to find new opportunities and explore a wide variety of fields, some even in our own community.”While Western is the first school in the program, the STEAM Ahead program will soon be expanding to other schools in Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson counties.