New Boston’s Patrick resigns amid controversy

New Boston Village Councilman Vonald Patrick, submitted a letter of resignation.

NEW BOSTON —The New Boston Village Council met for their regular second meeting in January, even though it was business as usual, there was a shadow over the meeting and on the minds of some of the folks in the Zoom meeting and the public as well.

Village Councilman Vonald Patrick was involved in two crashes Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021, in which an OVI (Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs) was involved.

The incident was first brought up during Mayor Jr. Williams’ report, and a letter of resignation from the New Boston Village Council submitted by Patrick. The mayor stated that the Village Solicitor Justin Blume and Patrick had made an agreement that Patrick plans to plead no contest on the OVI charges.

During Police Chief Steve Goins’ report to council, questions were brought up about the possibility of why the police that were aware of the crashes, didn’t follow up by going to the hospital and having a chemical test done and arrest Patrick all of which were mentioned in the media release. The incident was brought up one more time as Councilman Dan Fetty asked Chief Goins why did it take so long for the investigation.

Goins answered stating it is all part of an internal investigation that is currently being conducted therefore he couldn’t say much at the time about it. The letter of resignation was accepted by the council members.

Another thing on the agenda of the meeting was a visit from Mark Sneve from Strand Associates who with the help of a PowerPoint presentation walked everyone through the newest parts of the New Boston Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Abatement Facilities Plan, Phase 8A and 8B. An overview of this presentation was the costs and/or loans and the fact that it would end up being no costs to the village. Also in 8A Sneve said that it is a lining project for the clay pipes to assure they will last for many years to come. In 8B, there were needed improvements such as an extension at West Avenue, an addition to the lining of pipes that were not done earlier along with others.

Sneve continued with Phase 9 Future Project. At the end of the presentation, it was stated that if the public had comments to send them to Steve Hamilton, 3980 Rhodes Ave. New Boston, Ohio or on or before Jan. 31, 2021.

Other letters of resignation were accepted by Council for Jessie Kontras from the New Boston Police Department and Nathan Fannin from the New Boston Fire Department.

Taking place during the meeting, Village Administrator Steve Hamilton was asked about an update on the garbage trucks. Hamilton stated that the new one was in Youngstown and should be back by either Friday or Monday. It was also discussed by Councilman Fetty to thank Portsmouth for loaning the village one of their trucks for the past months.

The following Resolution and Ordinances were read, with all being voted to suspend the rules for emergency and then all being adopted:

Resolution No. 1-2021-A resolution authorizing an Advance from the general Fund; and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 5-2021-An ordinance transferring appropriations in the various funds of the village; and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 6-2021-An ordinance to approve then and now certificated in excel of $3,000 for payment t to Cemi Motor Sales, Inc., and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 7-2021-An ordinance to approve then and now certificate in excess of $3,000 for payment to AEP of Ohio; and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 8-2021- An ordinance to approve then and now certificate in excess of $3,000 for payment to SERVPRO; and declaring an emergency.

Following the reading of these items and any new business from Village Council members the meeting was adjourned.

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