Officers receive letters of Commendation

(Left to right): New Boston Mayor Junior Williams, Officer Robert Fouch, and New Boston Police Chief Steven Goins when Fouch was hired by the New Boston Village Council in October 2020. Fouch and Officer Jesse Kontras received letter of Commendation from council.

NEW BOSTON — The New Boston Village held its first meeting for the year of 2021 starting with an organizational meeting, then moving into their regularly scheduled meeting. During the organizational meeting, the Village Council once again voted Councilman Dan Fetty President Pro Tem for 2021.

During the reading of items, Mayor Williams read recommendations from New Boston Police Chief Steve Goins for letters of Commendations for two of his officers for their work. Letters of Commendations were recommended for police officer Robert Fouch in the recovery of a stolen vehicle and police officer Jesse Kontras in the recovery of a stolen all-terrain vehicle. Council acknowledged the recommendation, and the letters were to be placed in their files.

During his mayor’s report, Williams discussed that he felt they were looking forward to a very busy year. He also discussed the flood pump preparation and an update on the broken down garbage trucks with the hopes of having them fixed soon. Also discussed, is the placing of the cameras in the meeting room for better coverage of their meetings.

The mayor spoke on grants that the Chief of the New Boston Fire Department Chris Davis has been working on and a grant from Walmart that both the fire department and police department received for $1,000 for each department.

Before the reading of the ordinances for the evening, Mayor Junior Williams discussed that the four are tied together for a $300,000 Community Improvement Loan from U.S. Bank with $165,000 put aside for paving, $35,000 for some dispatch equipment, $5,000 for playground equipment, and $75 for the upgrading all the remaining traffic lights to LED that are not LED right now. Mayor Williams mentioned that legal council Justin Blume had went over all of the information for this loan for the village. The mayor also stated that although it raises the village’s debt for a year that after the floodwall is paid off, it would actually be less.

The following ordinances were then read by the Clerk, Lana Loper with all being voted upon to suspend the rules for declaring an emergency and all were adopted:

Ordinance No. 1-2021-An ordinance authorizing the issuance of $240,000 of bonds for the purpose of paying part of the cost of resurfacing roads, highways, streets and alleys, and acquiring and installing traffic signal and signage improvements; and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 2-2021-An ordinance authorizing the issuance of $35,000 of bonds for the purpose of paying part of thee cost of improvements to the 911 dispatch center: and declaring an emergency

Ordinance No. 3-2021-An ordinance authorizing the issuance of $25,000 of bonds for the purpose of paying part of the cast of playground improvements; and declaring an emergency

Ordinance No. 4-2021-An ordinance consolidating three bond issues of the Village of New Boston, Ohio into a consolidated bond issue, and establishing the terms of such consolidate bond issue; and declaring an emergency

There was no new business from Council members and Councilman Fetty thanked the members for voting for him for President Pro Tem. The meeting was then adjourned.

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