Christmas Cave hit by thieves

An example of the many lights it takes to make the Christmas Cave a wonderful place to visit.

One of the many displays seen at the Christmas Cave in Minford.

MINFORD — The grinch hit a local holiday destination this year, stealing many lights, extension cords and cameras from the go-to destination.

The White Gravel Mines Christmas Cave located at White Gravel-McDaniel Road in Minford was hit by thieves who took Christmas lights, extension cords, and some hard to replace cameras.

During the Scioto County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Bryan Davis shared his thoughts on the incident.

“It’s very disheartening to think that there would be people who would steal from a Christian ministry,” Davis said. “That ministry out there serves a great purpose in that they brought great joy and a great message to our area during a very difficult time.”

Davis stated the cave is prepared by volunteers, who are ordinary people trying to make life better for other people during the holiday season. Along with several lights, Davis stated that extension cords and cameras were also stolen from the site and believed the thieves scouted out the area. All items purchased for the cave came from donations and the entry fee from years past.

“I hope that someone out there that sees this if they did it will return everything no questions asked,” Davis said. “We pray for them because it’s unfortunate that people are driven to do such things in such times.”

Davis also posted on his Facebook page Jan. 2, right after it was discovered that the lights and other items were missing.

“Hey folks. Some thieves decided to steal from the White Gravel Mines and the Christmas Cave. These lights are costly and unfortunately, some low life’s decided to help themselves to them while trespassing on private property. Any information leading to the arrest of these thieves is appreciated. Unfortunately for these thieves, they have underestimated the number of friends this ministry has. Feel free to share far and wide. Be on the lookout for these on your local selling sites! A dozen were stolen off our property in the past day or so, along with several extension cords! These are costly and difficult to find these days. Please share with your friends to help get the word out! Message us if you have any information, please,” Davis posted.

Some of the cave volunteers have also posted on their pages that they are just asking for help in finding out where they are and who is responsible.

The Christmas Cave Facebook page states, ‘Our mission is to share our Christian values and offer positive events for our community. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.’

“The Christmas Cave is a guided tour. A guide and two crew members will be with each group. Through families, friends, youth groups and rehab groups, we’ve had the pleasure to challenge the many people that have come our way. Here are some of our life-changing numbers from over the years. Thank you for letting us serve you in this unique way.”

People from all-around the region visit the cave, and the caves’ attendance since the beginning of 2011 has been close to 2,000. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police or the ministry.

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