SOMC Hospice Center Named After Dr. Suzann Bonzo

PORTSMOUTH — 2020 has presented its fair share of change and challenges, but as the end of this year approaches, SOMC also has a reason to celebrate.

At the end of 2020, Dr. Suzann Bonzo will retire from more than 40 incredible years of practicing medicine. She has been a pioneer of change and growth at Southern Ohio Medical Center and her legacy and dedication to her field will be evident for many years to come.

Throughout her tenure, she has witnessed the hospital grow and expand from Scioto Memorial Hospital, where she served as Chief of Medicine in 1985, to Southern Ohio Medical Center. She has also been a huge advocate and donor to the SOMC Hospice Expansion Project, which is currently underway and will drastically expand the SOMC Hospice Center. Due to her commitment to medicine and hospice and palliative care, countless patient and families’ lives have been touched throughout her years of service.

“Dr. Bonzo is very passionate. She is passionate about what she does, and hospice is a particular interest to her,” said Teresa Ruby, SOMC administrative director of Hospice, Home Care and Palliative Care. “Dr. Bonzo inspires us with her commitment, her dedication and she sets an example that other co-workers and our staff to see on a daily basis.”

Along with being a trailblazer for expanding the hospice and palliative care programs at SOMC, Dr. Bonzo has served in an impressive number of roles at Scioto Memorial Hospital, US Health Corporation of Southern Ohio and eventually, SOMC. Some leadership positions included: US Health Corporation of Southern Ohio in 1990, Chairs of multiple committees throughout the years including ICU, Critical Care, Oncology and Pharmacy and Therapeutics and she also served as the Chief of Medicine at SOMC in 2004. Her resume includes a number of other committees that she served on throughout her career. She was also a teacher and mentor to many medical students, residents and nurse practitioners over the years.

Dr. Bonzo has been awarded throughout the years for her service. She received the Outstanding Physician Award from the Scioto County Medical Society in 2017. Her commitment to hospice and palliative care has recently been honored by her name being placed on the outside of the SOMC Inpatient Hospice Center.

Throughout the years, Dr. Bonzo has touched countless lives. Her legacy will undoubtedly live on in the years to come as evidenced by the incredible SOMC Hospice Center that she has been an advocate for since its inception in 2007. SOMC thanks Dr. Bonzo for her selfless dedication to patient care and commitment to improving the field for the community.