Adam’s Flying Pig holds Grand Opening

Grand Opening at Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House with some employees and other guests Left to right: Ed Newsome-Chamber of Commerce, Sarah Bowling, Jennifer Koenig-Crimson Cup, Kortney Calber, Steve Bayless-Crimson Cup, Tammy Salmons, Ryan Salmons, Adam Salmons-Owners, Dennis DeCamp-Wheelersburg Trustee, Bryan Davis-Scioto County Commissioner, and Matt Setters-Chamber of Commerce

WHEELERSBURG — The Flying Pig was flying high Tuesday, as the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a red ribbon cutting for the grand opening of Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House in Wheelersburg.

Speaking with Adam Salmons, who is the person and reason the coffee house came about in the first place, Adam said that he liked to work there at the Flying Pig. Adam who is 25, has autism and attends STAR workshop, plus works at Senora’s and McDonald’s. Tammy Salmons said that Adam loved to go to different coffee houses when they went on trips and she had a dream to own a coffee house for many years. With that, Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House was created.

Tammy Salmons’ main goal for the Coffee House was for her son Adam to have something as he gets older and she wanted to hire people with disabilities to work there. “I don’t care at what level they can do,” Salmons said. “I want them to feel loved and appreciated and proud of their work.”

Adam Salmons was excited for the opening, but was not happy to wait for them to take the photo, but was so happy when he finally got to cut the red ribbon.

Ryan and Tammy Salmons owners of the Coffee House, have three children, Adam, Maggie, who attends Marshall University, and Amanda, a sophomore at Wheelersburg.

Tammy Sammons along with her husband Ryan were there and Tammy Sammons said that since the soft opening this summer, she has added some new things for the menu like Scent from Heaven glazed croissants, and she said, “I bake my own scones and coffee cake. We getting ready to start our lunch menu, where we’re going to have soups, sandwiches and salads.”

Ryan Salmons started out in Portsmouth in 1999 with State Farm Insurance and he said he really didn’t want to leave there because he had roots there, even though he lived in Wheelersburg. However, when the building in Wheelersburg opened up and had room for both businesses, he moved his business. “We knew we wanted a building where we could have both places, so I could be there if they needed help and this building kind of came to us and I said you know what, this has got to be it and it has worked out so far.”

Both Tammy and Ryan talked about Adam and how with his disabilities that the employees were helping him and said that they tell their employees right up front that they are going to have different employees with disabilities, not just Adam, and they want them to be patient and so far they have been doing that.

Ryan Salmons humorously said that he needed to get back to work more at the insurance office because he had been doing things at the Coffee House for the grand opening and that he told Tammy that he needed to go back to easier work because the coffee house is hard work. He said that Tammy is getting to where she can do the behind the scenes things like order, so he can do just that.

Also in attendance for the grand opening were Steve Bayless and Jennifer Koenig from Crimson Cup Coffee located in Columbus and they said that they work with Coffee houses all over the country. Bayless said, “We have 120 shops that are independently owned. We do the start-up consulting and we try to start out with the design and layout of the coffee shop, as well as start-up training.” They show them how the systems work, all the recipes, and how to operate the machines and sell them all the equipment and stuff and teach them how to use it how to make the drinks and then they do a follow-up.

“We come back for additional training and help support the Grand Opening. We keep in contact with them, then about once a month, we make sure things are going well and we can help with marketing training and new staff. They are not under contract with us, so they can leave anytime that they would want to. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. If they are doing well, then by helping them, we are doing well. Bayless has been with Crimson Cup for 12 years as project manager and trainer and Koenig has been the customer growth representative for three years and she owns her own coffee shop as well.

Now that the grand opening has happened and plans for extending what things they will have in the future, this business is off to a great start and seems to be a place that the community will enjoy for years to come, all because of a dream a mother had for her child.

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