Communicating with the dead

A picture from an investigation claiming to show a little girl spirit holding a teddy bear.

Members of the GCPS setting up equipment at a recent investigation at the Boyd County Public Library.

GREENUP Ky. — Whether it’s a bump in the night or a whisper in the wind, the Greenup County Paranormal Society is ready to investigate.

Since the inception of the group in 2009, the Greenup County Paranormal Society has investigated unexplained experiences by local residents who suspect paranormal activity.

“I grew up in a house with a lot of unexplained things. In 2009 I wanted to find answers,” GCPS founder Steve Gartin said. “Of course, my findings lead me to look for more answers, but then the mission switched to helping people find peace.”

Throughout the past 10 years, Gartin has been building his paranormal investigators team and investigating residents’ homes throughout the tri-state area. With a lead team and several other members, the group hopes to bring peace to the homeowners and help spirits crossover if they wish to do so.

“A lot of people tell us they think they are going crazy, but we truly believe there are spirits there,” Gartin said. “We help prove that they do or don’t have spirits in their homes and offer to help them crossover if the homeowner wants to and the spirit.”

Gartin shared that while the team is willing to help anyone, there are some cases his team will not investigate.

“We don’t hunt demonic spirits,” investigator Karen Thompson said. “We stay away from anything of that nature. We don’t want to be responsible for that.”

Thompson stated that the group members are Christians and believe in good and evil spirits. She shared that while most spirits cannot hurt people, they want them to know they are there. Thompson said one of the major ways to tell if someone has an evil spirit in their home is by smelling sulfur.

“Just like there are bad people in the world, we believe there are bad spirits,” Thompson said.

To avoid demonic spirits, the GCPS has an extensive interview process with each of their clients before entering the home or other location where activities have been known to occur.

“One of our members has a list of questions that we ask to determine if we should take the case,” Gartin said. “If we take the case, we set up a time with the homeowners and bring our equipment to help determine if there is a spirit there.”

With a crew of at least five members, the GCPS will set up cameras, use recorders and other paranormal devices to detect spirits. If spirits are detected, the crew will focus on areas with activity and even try speaking to the spirits using sophisticated equipment and video. Once the team is finished investigating, they will carefully analyze the data before presenting it to the homeowner.

“We will be the first to tell them if there is nothing there or if there is something there,” Gartin said. “They have to keep in mind though we are only there for a couple of hours, they are there all the time.”

Throughout the years, Gartin and his team have witnessed several incidents while investigating. Investigator Jeff Bayes reflected on a time when he saw a little girl spirit in his home after an investigation.

“One night after an investigation, I went home and was on the computer,” Bayes said. “I turned off the monitor and in the reflection of my fish tank, I saw a little girl. I told it that it needs to go back to where it came from.”

“We have had almost every kind of activity you could ever think of,” Gartin said. “Shoes flying at us, my hair has been pulled, you name it, we have probably seen it.”

While Gartin said they do have many clients hoping to reach a family member who has died, it is often a different spirit.

“Everyone tries to find that something that connects the spirit to them,” Thompson said. “Sometimes, it is a spirit that has no connection to them but has a connection to the home, property, furniture, or anything special to them.”

Throughout their years of investigating the paranormal, the group has found several cases with spirits coexisting with the living. While Gartin offers crossover services for spirits, he said he does not force it on the spirits.

“I leave that up to them. If they want to, I am more than happy to,” Gartin said. “We want to give the clients some peace of mind and ensure them they are not crazy. If they are, then what does that make us?”

The Greenup County Paranormal Society can be found on Facebook and conduct investigations free of charge.

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