The counseling center celebrates expansion

Group of employees in front of the new expansion for the Counseling Center

PORTSMOUTH — The Counseling Center (TCC) announced today the launch of a groundbreaking expansion that will complete their continuum of care and expand their mental health services to the greater Portsmouth community while also providing excellent services in our existing programs.

Historically, TCC is known as a substance use disorder treatment facility, and while we have been that for 40 years we are also focused on providing and connecting people to well-rounded health care options in other domains.

The Community Outpatient Program, operated by The Counseling Center, provides flexible treatment options to the general public.

These service options allow individuals the flexibility to participate in other roles, while also engaging in appropriate treatment that can be focused on either substance use or mental health, independently; the opportunity to maintain work, school, and family schedules while gaining education and knowledge to help maintain sobriety and best manage mental health symptoms.

The Outpatient Program can consist of any combination of the following:

Individual and group substance use disorder counseling, mental health counseling, medically assisted treatment, case management, and relapse prevention.

Our treatment team is invested in increasing the client’s ability to meet their own needs, establish a sustainable lifestyle through a combination of treatment and vocational/professional development, and increasing positive community connections.

Brittany Tolle, Director Community Outpatient, says: “Community resources and support play such an integral role in recovery and mental health. We are so excited for these expanded services that are not only going to create easier access to services, but will also create different avenues of treatment that can be received by The Counseling Center to provide the support and help needed for people in our community.”

Questions about Community Outpatient? Please contact Brittany Tolle at or by phone at (740) 354-6889.

About The Counseling Center: The Counseling Center is a nonprofit behavioral healthcare agency specializing in creating positive substance abuse, mental health, physical health, and recovery housing outcomes. Our licensed chemical dependency, mental health, and certified primary healthcare providers who utilize cutting-edge treatment options to help our clients and patients achieve long-term goals. For more information visit:

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