Members living up to the name “volunteers”

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Left to right are SVV members Melissa Whitt, Sharon Karasek and Bunnie Bowman-Schaefer.

Recent announcements of newly appointed Ohio State Society, United States Daughters of 1812, committee chairmanship included two local members

of the Scioto Valley Volunteers Chapter (SVV).

Accepting appointment from Ohio State President, USD 1812, Sunda Peters, Belinda Bowman-Schaefer (SVV Historian) has been announced as the State Committee Chairman, National Headquarters.

Sharon Karasek (SVV Treasurer) accepted appointment by USD 1812 State President, Sunda Peters, of State Committee Chairman, St. Michael’s and All Angels Church Committee (preservation of).

Also, Melissa Meyers Whitt accepted the appointment by SVV Chapter President, Gail Swick, as Chapter Chairman for the newly formed National Patriotic Education Committee.

These announcements come on the heels of recent appointments accepted by SVV members Monica Karasek (Office of State Librarian) and Carolyn Hilliard (State Committee Chairman, Correct Use of the Flag of the United States and the Flag of the War of 1812.

Much of the work of the National Society is accomplished by a committee structure. State Chairmen are appointed by the State Presidents and Chapter Chairmen are appointed by the Chapter Presidents.

State Chairmen take the National committee objectives and execute them by promoting, educating, and encouraging members and chapters to participate. Chapter Chairmen, report their activities and accomplishments to the State Chairmen, who in turn, report to the Chairmen National. This committee structure enables the Chairmen National to gather accurate information so that they can report to the National Society, on all committee activities, nation wide.