Fluor-BWXT donates to Fellowship Garden

Watch Me Grow co-founders Amanda Lewis and Drew Carter

SCIOTO — Fluor-BWXT is proud to partner with Watch Me Grow Ohio to expand opportunities in Scioto County for healthy living, providing a $1,000 donation towards the construction of the new Fellowship Garden. The Fellowship Garden will be the site of the organization’s free, ongoing educational programs and activities which includes allowing students in elementary through high school to grow garden fresh produce to distribute to local families for free.

“Watch Me Grow is a great opportunity for neighbors to come together, unite for common goals, and build a stronger community together,” said JD Dowell, Project Site Director. “Supporting an effort that strengthens the appearance of our local communities, builds a foundational mindset in our students to help others, and cultivates an approach to better health… those are certainly positive areas to be promoted. FBP appreciates the opportunity to join Watch Me Grow Ohio in this effort.”

“Growing up in lower income areas, I’ve experienced what some would call food deserts,” said Drew Carter, co-founder of Watch Me Grow. “Many of us survived mainly on inexpensive process foods. I’ve watched family members and community members eat themselves into bad health, resulting in diabetes and high blood pressure. Watch Me Grow Ohio and the Fellowship Garden is an opportunity to get fresh fruits and vegetables to those who may not be able to afford organic produce. We want to show them the simplicity – but importance – of growing your own food and becoming self-sufficient.”

In addition to the garden, the site will include a pavilion, greenhouse, and other eco-educational programs.

“We want people to be engaged with the community,” said Watch Me Grow Ohio co-founder Amanda Lewis. “If we start with the youth of the area then we can help develop a passion for community building.”