When pigs fly

Employees with one of the owners (l to r) Maribeth Thompson, Kim Jarvis, Makenzie Marx, Tammy Salmons, Amber Kennedy inside Adams Flying Pig.

Some of showing the employees and Tammy their pretty smiles just for a quick photo. Behind them you can see the menu which has a big variety of coffee choices hot, over ice, or frozen, but not just that they have teas and a fruit smoothie.

One of the owners of Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House, Tammy Salmons and one of their daughters, Maggie, who played a big part in the naming of the shop.

WHEELERSBURG — After dreaming about owning a coffee shop for years Tammy and Ryan Salmons, along with their family have made that dream come true, helping others along the way.

Opening the doors to Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House on a ‘soft’ opening last week, Tammy Salmons is overwhelmed by the community’s support and hopes her business will be a staple for coffee lovers in the area.

The Salmons’ have three children, Adam, Maggie, who attends Marshall University, and Amanda, a sophomore at Wheelersburg. Their oldest child, Adam, 25, has autism and attends STAR workshop, plus works at Senora’s and McDonald’s. Salmons said that Adam loves to go to different coffee houses when they go on trips and she has had a dream to own a coffee house for many years. With that, the coffee house began.

“I started thinking when Adam was a freshman at Wheelersburg High School about what the future would hold for him,” Tammy Salmons said.

Salmons shared she knew her daughters would go on to colleges and have careers but worried about Adam’s future. Following her dream to own a coffee shop and giving her son a place to work for as long as he wants, the coffee house began to develop. The shop came to fruition when Salmons, along with Adam, came up with the idea that the shop would be a place for him to work and others with disabilities.

As for the name of the shop, Maggie Salmons spoke on how, along with Adam, the flying pig coffee house’s name came about.

“Basically she (Tammy) talked about it for as long as I can remember and she’d just say ‘I’m going to do a coffee shop and it’s going to happen,” Maggie said. “The whole time I’d say OK, it’s not going to happen, I’d say when pigs fly!”

Salmons said that she and her employees are learning how to make the coffee with the different recipes and would like to have a little food, like pastries and small sandwiches. She said that once they get all of that right, she wants to bring in and hire people with disabilities.

“I don’t care at what level they can do,” Salmons said. “I want them to feel loved and appreciated and proud of their work.”

Salmons added that Adam loves geography, loves history and maps, and is going to try to show him where the coffee is from. When asked how Adam felt about the Coffee House, she said that he loves it and he comes in a couple of days, but he loves his other jobs too.

Salmons shared that her husband, Ryan, has sold insurance in Portsmouth for 20 years and they live in Wheelersburg, so when they found the building they are now in, they knew it would work for his insurance agency and the perfect place for the coffee house. She said she has around eight or nine full or part-time employees for now.

“This is all good and great, but if I didn’t have the part where we will have people work here with disabilities, it doesn’t mean a lot,” Salmons said. “Even though we’ve had a great response from the community, they have loved it, they are coffee drinkers, and there are more coffee drinkers out there than I thought. I really do want this to be helping the community for people with disabilities.”

Adam’s Flying Pig Coffee House is located at 9107 Ohio River Road in Wheelersburg. Hours are currently listed as 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday but are subject to change.

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