Domestic Violence Shelter needs supplies

The Shelter needs things to help the people clean the areas where they stay while in the shelter.

The Domestic Violence Shelter needs things as simple as laundry detergent.

PORTSMOUTH — The Southern Ohio Domestic Violence Shelter is looking for help from the community.

The Director of the Southern Ohio Domestic Violence Shelter, Mary Ann Peercy, said that at this time the shelter could really use some supplies that would help them out so much. Peercy said that some things they need are things like cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items, toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant spray and all other basic household items. She did say the type of cleaning supplies she is talking about are those things that you would need in your own home to keep it clean, like dishwashing liquid and other kitchen cleaners, plus bathroom cleaning materials.

Peercy says that the Southern Ohio Domestic Shelter has a different number of people, “It varies from day to day, we can house up to eight at a time, they actually when at the shelter, cook for themselves and their families, they do their own laundry and house cleaning; they basically make their own schedules.”

As for how they receive the people who come to the shelter, Peercy says that they can do self-referral, law enforcement referral, SOMC and pediatricians, they basically get people who have been abused from anywhere. At the shelter, people bring their families, i.e., children, and there are not just women in the shelter, they are available for men, who may bring their families. “When we built this shelter in 2012, we built it where each family has their own living quarters, which means they have their own bathrooms and that is why we are able to have male and female, they are all separated by their own rooms with a bathroom.”

Peercy added, “We take in survivors of domestic violence anyone that has been abused, we not only can shelter them if we have the room, we are able to give them court advocacy, case management, and we have a lot of other services we can provide to the client as well. There is sometimes a waiting list for the shelter, but our other services if you call, the same day, we try to accommodate and make sure you are taken care of. We have a hotline that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Peercy continued with, “Sometimes the people will only stay a day and they can stay up to a year, but we usually find that most of our survivors are here about three months. By that time, they have obtained their CPO through the court system and we work with housing as they are able to secure space from housing for themselves. We do case management with them after they leave our shelter. We are constantly in contact with them.”

Peercy concluded with, “You can just drop off the supplies at our address at 2315 Grant Street in Portsmouth. We are very thankful and blessed to be in a community that we are in the community that we are in. Any help that anyone wants to give is a blessing for us.”

The Southern Ohio Domestic Violence Shelter states on their Facebook page that any donations of any of these items will be greatly appreciated.

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