Prom in a box

The 2020 proms would normally look something like this, but all is not lost, thanks to the South Webster Community.

The South Webster Jeep to lead the way with Prom in a Box

SOUTH WEBSTER — Athletics, activities, and prom are just a few things the senior class of 2020 is missing out on this year, however, leave it to the South Webster Jeep Community to try to make at least one of these things as special as it can be at this time.

The community of South Webster has come together while respecting social distancing and are delivering ‘Prom in a Box’ to all their seniors and juniors at Bloom-Vernon Schools.

Margaret Allard and Kristie Johnson are leading the way by planning and setting the project up, with help from many members of the Jeep community lending a helping hand. Johnson said on a Facebook post, “We are so excited to see our juniors and seniors faces! We are also very overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from our community for this project. We are blessed with the best community! As of this morning (Monday), we are in need of nine more deliverers.”

To make sure the community was involved, a Facebook post stated, “Our students are missing out on much of this special time that they would normally be enjoying and celebrating their achievements and accomplished goals. We want to let them all know how much they are loved and appreciated; therefore, we would like to call on our friends, neighbors and families in the community to assist with this special prom evening surprise.”

Allard shared people in the community can pick up the boxes at Allard Excavations on Pinkerman in South Webster. Some people are doing a few boxes and others are doing more. After the boxes are all picked up to be decorated, they are to be returned to Allard’s and then they will be filling them up with all the items for Friday night. She said that there are about 130 boxes to be decorated, filled and delivered. There were only 15 boxes left to be picked up and decorated as of Monday.

Allard added that not only are they doing this for those juniors and seniors, but it gives the children in the community that want to help decorate the boxes a craft project to do. She said that each box will be decorated in red, black and white Jeep decorations and will be unique as some may be just colored pictures by some younger youth, but that too will make them special.

Allard said that their local businesses (Scioto County) have been giving some fabulous donations to be placed in the special prom evening surprise box. Even though it is not the prom they had planned to attend this Friday, hopefully, it will make the sting just a little bit less. Not to give away Friday’s prom box surprises, but these donations are not small and are sure to bring a smile on each student’s face.

The theme for this year’s prom is ‘Out of This World,’ and Allard has designed a jeep in a spacesuit that can be used to on some of the things. Any donations for the boxes can be accepted at Allard’s Excavations honk your horn and they will come out. This will be happening until Wednesday at 2 p.m., along with the decorated boxes to be returned by then. Delivery volunteers will be reporting to Katie and Michael Allard’s home Friday, where they will be ushered through their round-a-bout drive and again boxes and items will be placed in the back of your vehicle for you. Upon delivery, they will continue with social distancing and not put anyone in harm’s way.

The theme song is ‘The Waymaker,’ and it will be playing when each deliverer drops off the boxes. The seniors and juniors are being told to be home between 5:00 -7 p.m. Friday, which shouldn’t be as difficult as it would normally be, due to the stay at home order. Allard said that the main thing they wanted to do with this was to do something special for these students and to get the community involved because she said, “It takes a team.”

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