Scioto-823 Blasting Operations Under Way

Constructing a new road the size and scope of the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway in Scioto County requires the movement of a lot of earth. In fact, if a football field were piled high with the earth to be moved for this project, it would reach two miles into the sky.

Of course, in order to move much of the earth and rock that will make way for the new state Route 823, it will require the use of explosives, and the Portsmouth Gateway Group has enlisted a team of specially-trained personnel who will ensure that safety and specifications are met in a detailed, pre-planned and well-controlled environment.

Working on behalf of PGG and their contractors, the Portsmouth Joint Venture, crews from Senex Blasting will begin blasting operations within the immediate project zone between Shumway Hollow and Lucasville-Minford roads. Beginning this week, blasting will be conducted Mondays through Fridays, with some Saturdays as the construction schedule demands.

Although the proximity of blasting operations to homes and businesses is very limited, residents who live in the general area where construction sequencing is taking place may hear a series of initial warning sounds that signal a blast. Once the blast occurs, those in the area may experience brief ground or sound vibrations, much like that of thunder; this will be followed by another horn blast that signals the all clear.

During these operations, Saul’s Seismic, LLC will be monitoring the blasts and the ground by way of calibrated seismographs. Saul’s Seismic, which is a consulting firm specializing in engineering and geological services relevant to blasting activities, is also offering and conducting pre-blast surveys to all property owners whose structures lie within 1,500 feet of any blasting operation.

Since the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway will take many months to construct and the blasting is done in a controlled manner, the work will be performed in a series or small, regular and planned cycles. Most generally, blasting will be performed at approximately noon and during the late afternoon, or around 5 p.m.; however, there may be several blasts at multiple locations in one day. In addition, overall blasting operations will continue through 2017.

For more information about blasting operations or the Scioto-823 project, visit the Portsmouth Gateway Group’s web site at