South Webster Health Fair another success

Shawnee State had this set-up at the SW Health Fair, where they were teaching the kids how to do CPR

Some of the people who came to the Health Fair at South Webster High School

This group of ladies are from Holzer Home Health Care, one of the many health care groups set-up at the Health Fair.

There are great things happening at South Webster High School and Wednesday, was the day for one of the great things they do for their community and surrounding areas. The Annual Health Fair was in full swing and there was quite a crowd both inside the gymnasium and outside at the things set up out there.

Two ladies that were visiting the Health Fair, were Ida Baker who said about the Health Fair, “This is my first time coming into the fair, as I was late last year.” She also said she had worked as a carrier of the Portsmouth Daily Times for 27 years. Carolyn Crall was with Baker and she said this was not her first year, “I come up every year, but last year I came too late.” Both ladies said, “Yes this is a great thing and the kids love it.”

Sue Newman was also walking around and visiting the Health Fair she said this was her second time coming. “I’m really lax about getting any health things done and taken care of and they do the free screening. It is well worth what they do, at least once a year, I get some health things taken care of.”

At the Hotline Crisis Line, the lady said they get calls every day and some days, it might be more than others and that they also have some that are repeat callers, but she also said that she has seen days with 5o or 60 check marks of people who have called in. The Counseling Center hires the emergency services and they don’t necessarily need to have training to apply, because they train people, before they can answer calls.

Adena Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate Program, Annie Howard, spoke about this program, “We have volunteers and some of our advocates are on call for the emergency department for personal violence, domestic violence, and sexual human trafficking. We don’t just service Ross County if it’s children for sexual assault, and they are here in Scioto County, they will come to us at Adena. She said that they saw 22 victims of human trafficking last year and others that were at risk. Adena says that all in total that they served in 2018 were 242 in some part of their program. They saw 90 Pediatric males and females and 152 Adult males and females. She passed out a flyer that stated, this program is dedicated to serve the needs of women, children and men who have experienced Interpersonal Violence such as Sexual and/or Domestic Violence, Child and/or Elder Abuse or those who have been victims of Hate Crimes.

Outside there were several vehicles set up just for the Fair. There was the one for donating blood, the mammography truck, King’s Daughters doing medical screenings and other things, and not to be forgotten, were the Ambulance and Firetruck that the little ones who came up from the elementary school to see and ask questions about while they were still outside.

This particular Health Fair has been going on for 29 years and Rodney Barnett has been involved with it since its beginning. Barnett was sitting front and center when folks walked into the fair.

Some of the various vendors/health care providers were: Best Care Rehabilitation Center, Shawnee State was there teaching the kids CPR, We Care Medical Respiratory and Mobility, Cradle (Pregnancy Care Center), Community Action, Scioto County Early Head-start, Southern Ohio Senior Games, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Shultz Pharmacy, Potter House Ministries, Lifeline of Ohio, Adena Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate, Community Choice Health Care, AAA7, Bellefonte Primary Care, Scioto County Children Services, Ohio River Valley American Red Cross, ADAMSHS and Board, Scioto County Developmental Disabilities. Southern Ohio Medical Center had a display that’s focus was Eat Healthy, Live Healthy, and Stay Healthy- and they were also educating about the internal organs.

Other groups in attendance: Shawnee State See, Hear and Speak group, BCMH (Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps, Smith’s Pharmacy, Collins Career Technical Center, Heartland, Scioto Health Plan Division Ohi, and Shawnee Family Health Center was giving out popcorn until they ran out. King’s Daughters had a huge display and were giving out cups, water bottles, and other special items; with displays on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and E-cigarettes, where they had a set of lungs that were ‘breathing’ and skin cancer. Also, Shawnee State Respiratory Therapy program had two young ladies that said they were two weeks away from graduation.

More of the groups that were set up were: Unity One Home Health Care, The Portsmouth Public Library, The State Highway Patrol and 45 Port Authority. The Scioto County Sheriff’s office had members there taking fingerprints from some of the students and that seemed to be a popular place to visit. Holzer home Health Care had another pretty large setup and were doing some of the screens and tests to visitors, the ladies from this group laughingly said they were, “Holzer’s finest”. Many of the folks set up there had little things to pass out to both young and old, and who doesn’t like a little bag of goodies?

Young and old, there truly was something of interest for everyone at the Health Fair in South Webster. South Webster was a busy little town as things were being shared about health matters for all and reminding people to take care of themselves.

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