AEP donates to SCCTC

Left ot Right: Kenny Renn, Roy Bennett, Stan Jennings & Derrick Brown- SCCTC, Michelle Ross -Manager of Chillicothe District AEP, Todd Adkins-AEP, Brent Koenig-Distribution System Supervisor at Lucasville, Anthony DeBord- Community & Customer Experience Account Manager, Kelli Bussler- Customer Service Representative AEP, Mike Crabtree-Fleet Mechanic Lucasville, Shawn Cleary-Fleet Supervisor Chillicothe

American Electric Power has done a wonderful thing for the Scioto County Career and Technical Center(SCCTC), as they have donated to the Technical Center, an entire truck.

Derrick Brown, Director of Post-Secondary and Continuing Education at the SCCTC, said, “We have received a donation of a line truck from AEP. We have been working with them in the adult lineman program for many years and they have done a lot for us and have made several donations to help keep this program going. We hope in turn, we are able provide the workforce they need in the future and to continue the work relationship we have had and continue to build on that.”

“Brent Koenig is the supervisor for this area, but Todd Adkins(former graduate of the SCCTC) is actually the one who initiated this and we fully support being involved in the community and this is really important,” Michelle Ross, Manager of Chillicothe AEP, said. “Adkins is a great product of what this school does, for me it’s a gift for AEP to have an employee who has a great attitude and to continue really taking care of the community. We typically change our trucks every so many years. As soon as I got the email, I said absolutely, let’s do this.”

“It all started back in 2006, when my dad went through the class that provided his job now in Colorado, and then I went through the class and passed and found a great career at AEP,” Adkins said . “About a year or two ago, Roy (Bennett) contacted me saying they needed a CDL instructor, so I told him I’d help out and I’ve been doing the CDL here since at the SCCTC. Looking at the students struggle with the equipment that the students had, I told Roy maybe we should look into buying a new line truck. It’s really hard to set poles with the old one, I talked to Brent about it and he said maybe we could get one donated.”

“If we can support the school and the facility, because basically they are supporting our workforce and helping out the community, we felt it was the right thing to give back” Koenig said.

Brown had gathered the folks together that had contributed to this gift, to present a plaque in appreciation to AEP for their support of the SCCTC power line mechanic program and to thank them for their generosity that gives opportunities to their students.

“This is one program that has always been very successful since we started, it’s one we are very proud of and we are getting ready to graduate 11 in the program in March,” said Brown.

Kenny Renn, the instructor of the class, has been teaching this class for 12 years and said he put 15 classes through and also worked 30 years at AEP in Portsmouth. He says he likes working with the students in the adult lineman classes.

This entire group of people, who each in their own way wanted to see the students at the SCCTC be able to work with the best equipment they could get, were all excited to get together for the sharing of the gift for the students of the SCCTC. AEP has some caring people who see that the students of today are the workforce of tomorrow.

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