Courthouse security to begin Jan. 2

The Scioto County Courthouse will be exercising advanced security measures starting with the new year.

Starting Jan. 02, 2019, the following security measures will take place upon entering the courthouse:

All visitors will be subject to security screening upon entry.

Entry to the courthouse will be on the 6th street side only. The middle door

and handicap door are for entry. The far-right side door facing north is an exit

only door. No entry is permitted thru this door.

The 7th street side door is an emergency exit only door. No entry is permitted

thru this door. Access to the building by the General public is limited to the

6th Street side entrance.

The basement door is for authorized personnel only. This includes but is not limited

to elected officials, court security officer, law enforcement doing prisoner transports.

It may only be used by persons with an assigned key fob.

Security Screening will be done during the hours of 7am – 5pm Monday thru Friday.

No weapons are allowed to be brought into the building (guns, knives, mace, stun guns, etc.),

unless it is a law enforcement officer on official business. No exceptions.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to Shawn Davis, Director of Security,

Scioto County Court Of Common Pleas.