Health fair held for nuclear workers

Ray Weeks, of West Union, a 40 year employee of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, talks with Dr. David Manuta, president of Manuta Chemical Consulting at the health fair last week conducted by Cold War Patriots.

Current and former workers from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant at Piketon had the opportunity to obtain healthcare information at a health fair conducted by Cold War Patriots last week.

The event was held at the Southern Ohio Medical Center’s Life Center, where local healthcare professionals met with the workers, including hearing, home health, medical, vision as well as legal services. In addition, Cold War Patriots supplied a box lunch, Bluegrass music, BINGO, door prizes and complimentary blood pressure and oxygen saturation test by Professional Case Management.

Cold War Patriots is a division of Professional Case Management, which provides specialized in-home healthcare services to nuclear weapons and uranium workers. They serve as a community resource and advocacy organization and the nation’s strongest and most sustained voice to advocate for worker benefits. CWP helps nuclear weapons and uranium workers get the recognition, compensation and care they have earned.

“These events are a lot of fun, while also offering important information and resources for Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant/A-Plant workers,” said Tim Lerew, CWP Chairperson, who was in attendance at the event.”The vendors have the capability to connect these workers with the right people to help them, and since our attendance grows each year, clearly there is a continuing need for this information.”

Lerew said in addition to local workers, there were also workers from the Mound Plant near Dayton in attendance at the fair as well. “We have a couple people from Dayton,” he said.

He said these workers spent decades and “sacrificed health for national security.” He said many of these workers don’t realize the full scope of the benefits available to them.

“It’s only right that we do right by them,” Lerew said. “It’s a real honor and a privilege to be a part of it.”