Births at SOMC

August 14

Taryn Evans and Carl Evans of Waverly, son

Judy and Joseph Gammon of Blue Creek, son

Jeremy and Lindsay Thompson of Otway, son

Lesia Skaggs and Robert Hackworth of Portsmouth, son

August 15

Ryland and Amy France of Portsmouth, daughter

Brooklyn Yates and Jason Frye of South Webster, daughter

August 16

Alexandra Martin and Ron Stevens of West Portsmouth, son

Anna Planka of Piketon, daughter

August 17

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Compan of Minford, daughter

Aaron and Rachele Strickland of Portsmouth, son

August 18

Kayla Woodrow and Angelo Tsotsos of Wheelersburg, son

Paige Wines and Josh LeMaster of Portsmouth, daughter

August 19

Acacia F. Begley and Rain Begley of New Boston, son

Christopher and Kelsey Combs of Beaver, son

Kenzie and Ryan Dwyer of Lucasville, daughter

August 20

Randa Bentley and Brandon Hughes of Maysville (Ky.), son

Riley and Ashley Scott of McArthur, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Barker of Peebles, daughter

Randall and Ashley Ratliff of Portsmouth, son

August 21

Devin and Julie Boggs of Wheelersburg, son

Dustin and Laura Bradford of Tollesboro (Ky.), daughter

Joshua and Amber Alloway of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

August 22

Devin and Ashton Miller of Minford, daughter

Alberta Roepke of Peebles, daughter

August 23

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Ginn of West Portsmouth, son

Brandon Penix and Kasey Rooney of Portsmouth, daughter

August 24

Christian Skaggs of South Shore (Ky.), son

Tiffany Cox and Greg Saylor of Lucasville, son

Shane and Clarissa Pollard of Lucasville, daughter

Ethan Morgan and Jennifer Morgan of West Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and Briana Riffe of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

August 25

Mark and Kayla Ross of Peebles, daughter

Chelsea Crabtree and Scott Crabtree of New Boston, daughter

Harley Roberts and Tori Dingus of Lucasville, son

McKinsey and Jason McPherson of Thurman, son

August 26

Anthony and Telina Bloomfield of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Kyle and Michaela Wolfe of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

August 27

Nathan and Amy Smalley of Chillicothe, daughter

Andrea Holsinger and Mikyle Harwell of Portsmouth, son

August 28

Jessica Brocato and John Browning of Sciotoville, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Hatcher of Waverly, son

August 30

Jessica Smith and Cody Johnson of West Portsmouth, son