Discount grocery debuts

Employees (from left) Rhonda Jordan and Brittney Miracle, and manager Deidra Kimbler.

Bargains. Most people love to find a bargain.

There’s now a new little store with bargains galore in Portsmouth.

The Grocery Store Outlet recently opened its doors at 2114 11th Street, and has already been welcomed by many customers. The Grocery Store Outlet only handles non-perishables, but there are so many other things available that most won’t even notice that at first. Some of the items on the shelves are things like juices, cookies, mac-n-cheese, cereals and other breakfast items, coffee (K-Cup pods and other) and a wide variety of candy.

But what really attracts shoppers are the prices — bargains not to be believed.

The store was busy Friday, its second full day in business, and some of the shoppers were willing to talk about the store and what they thought.

“I like it. It’s awesome,” Melinda Hill said.

“This is great,” said Ann Myers of Portsmouth and Bonnie Paugh of South Webster. “This is our first time being in here — we just heard about it.” They both said it will especially help those on a fixed income. Paugh said she is raising her son on her own and on a fixed income, and a discount grocery store helps. “We thought we’d stop by and check it out.”

Deidra Kimbler is the manager of the Portsmouth store. She says there are several Grocery Store Outlets in the area, with locations in Wheelersburg, South Shore, Flatwoods, Peebles and one preparing to open in Middleport. Hours for the Portsmouth store are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Kimbler said owner Don Ashworth started the business in South Point, and then began expanding. At first, his store had home goods, but then he decided to go into foods. And when he went into food, business took off. The Wheelersburg location has been in business 10 years, and Kimbler said South Point has been there a lot longer.

Currently, the store only accepts cash and checks, but will eventually take credit cards. Kimbler also said she is trying to get some flooring in the store, and that they will be carrying curtain rods, and also some hair products, like curling irons, hair dryers and such. She would also like to see the store carry detergents at some point.

Kimbler says the store has three employees right now, but she will have two men to help unload trucks. “We worked a few weeks to get this open, and got this store up and running.” She said the business officially opened Thursday, and they’ve been very busy ever since. Her employees are Rhonda Jordan, who has worked in one of the stores before, and Brittney Miracle, who said she too had worked before in one of the stores in Wheelersburg. Both women said they really enjoy working in this business.

On Good Friday, the door was opening and closing very often, an indication that the Portsmouth location may not only be as successful as the rest, but may be a grocery shopping fixture for sometime to come.

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