Health Coalition kicks off Better Plate Initiative

Susan O’Neil and the featured raspberry Romaine salad.

Market Street prepares its ‘better plate’

Participating in Scioto County Health Coalition’s Better Plate Initiative at local restaurants are (from left) Heather Hardyman, Susan O’Neil and Malissa Sarver.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, the Scioto County Health Coalition has begun the Better Plate Initiative at local restaurants.

“March is National Nutrition Month, and the theme this year is ‘Go Further with Food.’ One of the great ways to go further with food is by visiting some of our local restaurants that feature lean proteins, crisp vegetables and really sweet, fresh fruits,” says Malissa Sarver, registered dietitian and nutrition chairperson at the Scioto County Health Coalition. “We’re at Market Street Café [recently] to be our first restaurant to kick off the Scioto County Health Coalition’s Better Plate Initiative. What that is, it’s based off of the USDA My Plate, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and eating more proteins.”

Farmers market manager at King’s Daughters Medical Center Heather Hardyman stresses the importance of individuals receiving their five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. “According to a statistic from the Portsmouth City Health Department, 30 percent of respondents do not receive their 5-a-day each day, and many do not receive them most days of the week, either.”

While at Market Street Café, Sarver and Hardyman recorded a public service announcement video with information on the importance of eating well, and tips on finding nutritional meal options. Featured in the video is one of the Better Plate choices from Market Street, the raspberry Romaine salad. The video debuts today on the Scioto County Health Coalition website.

Susan O’Neil, co-owner of Market Street Café, says she is glad her business can be a part of the Better Plate Initiative.

“We try to offer healthy choices,” O’Neil says. “Most of our food is healthy, but we try to offer a mix of hot sandwiches, salads, soups. We try to offer something for everyone, and can adjust recipes as needed. If they are allergic to something, or just don’t like something, we’re always willing to take it out.”

Additional local restaurants are expected to be added by the Scioto County Health Coalition for its Better Plate choices.

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