Adventure of a lifetime

Quintin Gleim

“Tower of Babel” by Quintin Gleim

“Encounter” by Quintin Gleim

A Franklin Furnace native is preparing to begin what some would call the adventure of a lifetime.

Quintin Gleim, a 2013 graduate of Green High School, is heading to Hollywood, Calif., as a winner in the Illustrators of the Future contest. As a contest winner, Gleim will receive a cash prize and participate in a week-long workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, Gleim will be honored at an April 8 awards gala, which traditionally hosts about a thousand guests.

The Illustrators of the Future contest, now in its 29th year, is known as one of the most prestigious illustration competitions. Judges of the competition are often some of the most celebrated names in speculative fiction. Gleim’s art will be published in the annual bestseller, “L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume 34.” This opportunity will also put Gleim in the running to receive an additional $5,000 cash prize and the Golden Brush Award.

Gleim received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Shawnee State University in 2017, and is now studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design.

According to Gleim, he stumbled upon the competition while searching for scholarships and decided to enter without any high expectations.

“They asked for three completed images that were unpublished works, and that’s what got me into this portion of the competition,” Gleim says. “I really didn’t expect to win, and it had gone by four or five months. I assumed I didn’t win. It was just a hopeful fill-out.”

Gleim says the experience has been surprising, and has envoked many different feelings.

“It’s a wide range of emotions,” Gleim says. “I’m definitely very excited,”

Gleim is inspired by fantasty and science fiction, and those genres are reflected in his art.

“Fantasy and sci-fi illustration is what I want to do professionally, for gaming and book covers and things. That’s where I gear most of my work towards,” Gleim says.

Gleim hopes his work being featured in “Writers of the Future, Volume 34” will create more opportunities for him, and gain him some exposure with companies with which he may want to work in the future.

Aside from the competition, Gleim wants to finish graduate school and aspires to teach. He also has aspirations to work with companies with which he has grown up, and wants to write and illustrate his own book.

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