Annual Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA Banquet

The Friends of NRA, a nationwide non-profit organization will hold its annual Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA Banquet on February 10th at Holy Redeemer Activity Center, 1325 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, doors open at 5:30 with the event running from 6-9 pm. Ticket holders will enjoy an evening of dinner, live and silent auctions, games and more.

The Friends of NRA supporters, help both youth and adults throughout Ohio.

“The first half of the money we raise each year goes to fund the Hunter Safety program here in Ohio, so that youth and adults of all ages can learn for free how to hunt safely and humanely,” said Rebecca Clark, spokesperson for Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA. “The second half goes into grant funds. Our cut off for these funds is late October, groups start to apply for these grants as early as August 1st.”

Each January every committee sends representatives to the state wide grant meeting. During this state wide meeting, committee representatives can decide what applicants receive their individual funds.

“Locally in the past few years, the money we raised from our Annual Banquet, Gun Bash, Rarden White Deer Festival and various raffles; has helped the youth in southern Ohio,” Clark stated.

Many local youths have benefited from the grant funding.

“With the money we have raised, we have helped fund the 4H program in Adams and now expanded to the 4H program in Lawrence county. We have given our grant funds to Camp OYO, which enabled them to put up fencing around their shooting range, build a covered seating area for troops to wait their turn to shoot and shooting benches to shoot from. Secondly, our funds assisted in Camp OYO acquiring new rifles and bows for the scouts to use. We have also contributed to various organizations throughout our state; dealing with youth firearms safety, accommodating disabled veterans being able to hunt, JR ROTC, firearms safety programs in our schools and others that have applied for Friends of NRA grants,” said Clark.

Any organization that deals with firearms safety, safe shooting or firearms education, can visit the website, check the criteria and apply for our funding.

Clark welcomed businesses, individuals or office holders as sponsors at the upcoming banquet.

Underwriters donating money to be paid toward the purchase price of auction items and sponsors, will be recognized in the program for the night. Underwriters identity will be displayed by the product they have underwritten. Clark would very much appreciate your attendance, purchases, sponsoring and support and sends a thank you in advance.

Tickets are available online at, on Facebook (Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA) or call Rebecca Clark at Big Iron Guns 740-464-0852. All, but the cost of the meal, is tax deductible. Pre-paid event tickets and packages will be available at the doors the night of the event. If you are unable to attend, but would like to show your support, you can make check or money orders payable to: Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA. Mail your donation to: Rebecca Clark, Portsmouth Patriot Friends of NRA. PO Box 41, McDermott, Ohio, 45652.

For more information reach Rebecca Clark by email, call or text 740-464-0852.