Births at SOMC

August 3

Johnna Brannan and Josh Arnold of New Boston, daughter

Junior Donahue and Mary Steward of West Union, daughter

August 4

Anthony and Brittany Knittel of Wheelersburg, son

Mr. and Mrs. Kayla Koenig of Blue Creek, son

Adriana Williams of Wheelersburg, son

Carlie Potter and Jerrod Bricker of West Portsmouth, daughter

August 5

Chad and Kimberly Smith of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Minta Nichols and Chris Hatfield of Rarden, daughter

Jessy Pearson of Piketon, son

Hannah Massie and Victor Chaney III of Waverly, son

Tabitha and Tyler Sowards of Sciotoville, daughter

Kearstin Carroll and Taylor Leslie of Piketon, son

August 6

Debra and Jahaziel Rincon of Portsmouth, daughter

Mary Fritz and Jimmy Fritz of Greenup (Ky.), son

August 7

Nichole Angel and Julius Thompson of Portsmouth, daughter

August 8

Stacey Maynard and Alberto Valquez of McDermott, son

Ashley R. Bruce and Irvan J. Schoolcraft of Piketon, son

August 9

Mr. and Mrs. David Kimbler of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

James Finley and Summer Browning of Piketon, son

August 10

Gabrielle Hamilton and Wesley Jackson of Lucasville, daughter

Jason Gibson and Macy Johnson of Lucasville, daughter

Chris Johnson and Theresa Gee of Piketon, son

Kelsey Miller and Stephen Burchett of New Boston, daughter

August 11

Sarah Montgomery and Kevin Miller of Portsmouth, son

Henry Craft and Susan Craft of Portsmouth, daughter

Dylan and Stephanie Hale of Wheelersburg, daughter

Corey Harr and Tiffany Harr of Maysville (Ky.), daughter

August 12

Eli and Jazel Kitchen of Kitts Hill, daughter

Kristina Edwards and David Hudson of Portsmouth, son

Bethany Goodrich Young and Ricky Young of Ironton, son

August 13

Keith and Stacy Nylund of Portsmouth, son

Erika Conkel and Joe Spriggs of McDermott, son

Mr. and Mrs. Brittany Ottens of Minford, daughter

August 14

Jesica Edgell and Matt Heid of Waverly, son