Importance of driving taught to NWHS students

Officer Howard, Harald Rundquist from NWHS and Sweden, and Leigh Greene from State Farm

Officer Howard, Tori Montgomery, Ashley Morgan, Jaclyn Burchett, Leigh Greene-State Farm, NWHS Principal-Jason Burton, Harald Rundquist, Luke Howard, Hanna Tackett and Northwest teacher, Mrs. Jamie Jenkins. (not pictured, Kyle Leslie).

”Be careful,” mothers say to their children as they are on their way out the door, to begin driving an automobile. The Northwest High School web design class created posters to put this thought out there for all those mothers.

Leigh Greene, an independent agent of State Farm Insurance in Wheelersburg, along with State Highway Patrol Officer John Howard, and Mrs. Jamie Jenkins, web design teacher at Northwest High School collaborated with each other and Jenkins’ students to get the students involved in safety and wearing safety belts.

The beginning of this project Ashley Morgan said, “Mrs. Jenkins started us out to do a project to raise awareness about wearing a safety belt.” Ashley said the whole web design class did the project. The students said that they knew they were going to be judged on the posters. Both Luke and Harold chimed in together about how long it took, “about a week and a half!” Everyone of the posters were then sent to Officer Howard, who, in turn, gave them to the editor, Chris Slone and Kimberly Jenkins, reporter of the Daily Times to be judged, without prejudice. The projects were then sent back to Officer Howard, without knowledge of who the students were that had won.

The finished posters turned out great and the top three were very close in presentation. Harald Rundquist ended up being the winner and said that he was really surprised that he had won first place. Second place went to Kyle Leslie and third place went to Luke Howard.

Rundquist just happens to be an exchange from Sweden and is a student at Northwest this school year. He said about going to school at Northwest, “I like it very much,” as he was jesting with Luke before the photo was taken. He said he is a junior and senior both, this year at Northwest.

Greene had cash for the kids for their winner or runner-up posters. She, as an independent insurance agent, wanted to be involved in the local communities and Northwest was willing to be involved in this project. She worked with Officer Howard and Jenkins to have the students create a safety poster and they used the 1st time, SOC soccer champions of Northwest as part of the poster. “We wanted to promote safety and State Farm is interested in safety,” said Howard.

Greene passed out envelopes containing the cash for the kids, and they seemed really surprised that even the runner-ups received some money. She said she would like to do something like this every year whether it be at Northwest or another county school. The students didn’t think they were getting any money, therefore when asked what they were going to do with it, they truly did not know.

Northwest High School Principal, Jason Burton, was pleased with the effort of the students and how the State Highway Patrol and State Farm came together to do this with the kids at the school.

Officer Howard said that one of their dispatcher’s wife works for State Farm and they are always looking for partners and sometimes there’s a lot of people who don’t think of community stuff, but he told him Greene was looking for stuff in the community. “She and I had a meeting about our ‘shop with a trooper’ first, and she wanted to participate in that project for the disadvantage children in our area. And, as we were talking, she said that she would like to get involved with anything within the community .

We don’t have too many people that are asking us, so we took advantage of that and I said, ‘what do you want to do?’ and she said anything, and I wanted to get a poster made like one that had been made out at Northwest about seven years ago.” They actually started out at another school and it didn’t work out. “Mr. Burton and I decided that they could make it happen. For her, this isn’t even her area, since she’s from Wheelersburg, for advertising, for her it is better there, but she was like ‘yep, this is fine, let’s do it, and I’ll do some money.’

Howard continued, “We are taking the winner of this and we are going to make a banner for the gymnasium and of all the top three, we’re gonna do posters and put them on cork board and we will do those for the school. We will make them for Greene for her office and we’ll make like a 12” by 16” poster type for the others. This way, the kids can see them up around the school and make them happy.”

This project just shows that when organizations get together and ask for kids help, creativity burst forth from those young minds and something great becomes the final product. What a great way to get high school students involved in something that is important for them to remember!

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