Expanding Vault Co.

Brother and sister team Jerry Russell Jr. and Tammy Hazelbaker, in front of a running video in the new office area.

Pictured is the piece of oak that has been custom etched and displays some of the other etchings and photos that can be done at Southern Ohio Vault Co.

The Southern Ohio Vault Co. in New Boston has a welcoming new atmosphere and enthusiastic folks ready to help people, who may be suffering a loss of some kind, or just someone needing something etched with precision and skill.

As a bonus, one will find a rare thing in this day and age — that seems to be dwindling down more and more —three generations working together in a family operated business.

The Russell family has been running their company since 1984 and has provided quality burial vaults, funeral service tent set-ups and cremation services to tri-state funeral homes. Owned by Jerry L. Russell, Sr. (president) and Barbara A. Russell (secretary-treasurer), the company is managed by Jerry L. Russell, Jr, (JR) (vice president), who works alongside his two sons.

“JR runs the vault company and together, we are all sales associates,” Tammy Halzelbaker, sales officer, said.

Although, outer burial containers and burial vaults are not required by state or federal law, most cemeteries require them.

A burial vault is required by most cemeteries to maintain the ground after burial. The ground would gradually sink over the casket. In addition to aesthetics, burial vaults also protect the casket from the elements.

Expanding their services, the Southern Ohio Vault Co. recently made several improvements to the office and a new storage building was added to the grounds.

With the expansion comes a full-service monument sales department with four sales officers to serve the needs of those honoring a loved ones’ passing.

“In addition to that, we do custom laser etching,” said Jerry Russell Jr.,

They offer a range of custom etching services from laser etched portraits on granite, wood or glass to providing memorial and dedication plaques.

In the new display room is a solid granite fireman’s helmet that they have etched. Jerry Russell Jr., said that it can be attached to the monument. The group can put any photo or etching a family may request.

The addition of a pet crematory also played a part in the recent renovations.

“With the addition of the new Pet Cremation Division, (customers) understand that (their) furry family loved ones are very important to us,” Halzelbaker said. “Upon their passing, we will treat your pet with love and dignity as we help you honor their memory.”

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