Community comes together

Photo Left to right: Patty Tennant, Scioto Foundation Program Officer, Therese Egbert, Scioto Foundation, Staff Accountant, Bill Kirby, Connex Board Member, Kay Bouyack, Scioto Foundation Staff Writer, Wendi Waugh, Connex Board President and Kim Cutlip, Scioto Foundation Executive Director. Photo by Scioto Foundation’s Toni Dengel.

Left to right: Sharee Price, the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center receiving her endowment from Kim Cutlip, Scioto Foundation Executive Director.

Photo Left to right: Therese Egbert, Scioto Foundation and Maureen Cadogan, Scioto County Homeless Shelter, Executive Director.

This year, the Scioto Gives program called their fundraising day, “A Day of Giving,” and after this evening, it looks like that title was perfect as more money was raised than had been raised in the past.

The Scioto Foundation celebrated their 365 and Scioto Gives programs with a reception Thursday evening at the Welcome Center in Portsmouth.

Guests were welcomed with a buffet of food and dessert. Following the meal, Kim Cutlip, Executive Director, spoke on both 365 and Scioto Gives, (Day of Giving, held on October 19, 2017). She thanked the board of governors of the Scioto Foundation. She proceeded to thank all the donors who were in attendance. She also thanked the organizations of Scioto Gives and applicants for 365.

365 is an opportunity for people in the community to become a member by making an annual contribution of $365.00, basically a dollar a day to make your community a better place. With a one-time gift of $3,650, one can become a lifetime member. The Scioto Foundation will award 50% of the dollars for an endowment fund and the other 50% will be placed into the Scioto 365 for current year grants. And those people who contribute are considered members, and they are able to select the grants and they can vote, which grants they want to see awarded.

“In mid-year, we put in a request for proposal for a theme, which was work and life balance and we issued that request that proposal to local nonprofit organizations and political subdivisions. They apply for a grant and then once they review them when they came in, they were sent to the membership to select the grant that they felt they liked the best, said Cutlip.

This year’s recipient of the 365 grant was Connex, Inc. of Portsmouth, for the $20,000, that they had requested a grant for what is called, ‘Project ROMP, standing for Revitalize Our Mound Park.

Wendi Waugh from Connex, Inc. said after receiving the grant said, “You never expect to win, I was very surprised, I felt like we had a great application and a great idea, there we other ideas that had merit for the community, but I feel like Connex has been working now for really over 3 years on getting these bike paths established. So, I feel we had a strong chance and we had a strong proposal. I went right away after the reception and informed the board and all of the people that have supported Connex and I’ve gotten so many people that are just so excited to see this happen. We were really excited.

Our grant is going to be used for Mound Park and it is a collaboration, the city of Portsmouth has also made a commitment here and we’ve already been working with the city manager, Derek Allen and Tracy Shear, because they are also going contribute some lighting in the park. So, we’re working collaboratively together and then there’s a Mound Park Pickleball Club who has also been involved in some renovations in Mound Park so there’s actually several organizations that have came together to really revise Mound Park. I called the project ROMP, because of movement and kids playing and activity and family fun. That’s really what it’s all about. It will be a smaller bike path, but it’ll encourage young children and kids to move in activity that is needed in our community.”

She said she had already been contacted by entities that want to get involved and she thinks it will be a large endeavor.

After awarding the 365 grant, Cutlip began speaking about Scioto Gives – she said, “since 2013 we have doubled the number of nonprofit organizations participating.

This year we raised more than in the past $96,000, which we matched, we set aside money each year for the Scioto Gives program. We set aside $30,000 this year to match the donations that came in from 8am to 8pm on the Day of Giving for Scioto Gives.

Habitat for Humanity raised $7,504 as the top organization that raised the most money, and with their match, it will be $9,830 for their endowment.”

Sharee Price from the SCOESC, said after receiving an envelope with their endowment, “we are very grateful for the opportunity to build our endowment, in hopes that in the future we can use this money for our programs.”

Following the presentations of endowment envelopes to the non profit organizations, the group was dismissed and some of the organizations rallied around to get photos.

The Scioto Foundation has been such a wonderful contributor to local nonprofit organizations in our community and the evening’s celebration was just another way they show, just how much they care about their community.

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