Lucasville welcomes new business

Chip Maillet-owner of WIOI Radio, a board member of the Chamber of Commerce of Portsmouth, Lance Richardson-Community Action, Brandon Osborne-Owner, Cindy Lindamood cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening of Ozzy’s Cash & Go Auto in Lucasville

Cindy Lindamood, Shawna Huisjack- Community Action, Zeiden Osborne, Brandon Osborne-Owner, Lance Richardson cutting the ribbon at the Grand re-opening of Ozzy’s in Portsmouth

“Cash is King, money talks, nobody walks,” this is the motto for Ozzy’s Cash & Go Auto. “

“I wanted something that was modernized that no one else had, bring a little bit of flavor to the market,” said owner Brandon Osborne.

Osborne opened his first place of business in Portsmouth in February of 2015, and the reason was,” I wanted to be a dealer for the people, because I’d be the type of guy that would go up in car lots and buy cars. And, I wanted to offer better service to the people. And, I wanted to be the type of dealer that a whole family could come to the car lot and everybody could actually leave with a vehicle. It has actually happened before, where multiple members of a household would come and say they’ve got a younger crowd, that maybe wants a sport car and maybe they want a family car or van and we’ve got everything.

Lift trucks, sports cars, cadillacs, push button starters, you name it, we’ve got it.”

According to Osborne, there isn’t much they don’t sell.

Osborne recently opened another Ozzy’s Cash & Go Auto, at a second location in Lucasville. This was done as a ribbon cutting for the new car lot and a grand re-opening in the Portsmouth location.

Osborne said his car dealership has a thing that is basically like a car facts, it’s Autocheck , like the bigger lots have. This Autocheck has buyback protection, which basically certifies the vehicle.

“You know what you’re getting as a customer. I give every customer a folder that tells them all the details of the vehicle; retail, KBB, NADA, so they know what type of vehicle and deal they are getting. And, they know they are getting the best quality for the best price,”Osborne said.

As far as the two lots, the one in Portsmouth and the one in Lucasville, Oborne says they try to keep about the same amount of cars at each location.

“What I’m doing with Lucasville is, I’m trying to make it more of a premier truck dealership, but with plenty of cars and then slide a van and an SUV or two in the mix. And Portsmouth, is mainly going to be an SUV lot with cars and a mix of nice trucks and vans. Each one of the lots, will then have a wide variety of vehicles, a little bit of everything.”

Osborne says he is working on his own website, Ozzy’s Cash & Go He says they are still working building it up.

“That way, we could even fill orders, if a customer wants a certain vehicle, sometimes we can go and pick those up. And usually, nine times out of ten, those are vehicles that other people are wanting too. So there may be a bunch of people show up wanting Chargers or whatever it is, and we’ll have them. We go all over to get vehicles, we buy, sell or trade,” Osborne said.

According to Osborne, the company also offers warranties with Gap insurance on most vehicles. When customers are paying their payments, it’s building their credit on top of it.

“This is credit building for customers,” Osborne said. “They come in the door, they get approved. Everything they pay, is building their credit on top of a warranty, that covers a wide range. I mean you know, if they have anything that breaks down that keeps them from making their payments, with a small deductible. They literally can get anything fixed all the way from engine, transmission, air condition, or brakes, from the company with the warranty.”

Osborne says that they are in a different league from other dealerships. They are the small, independent dealership.

“We’ve got the vehicles for the affordable public,” Osborne said. “We’re doing big level things on a smaller scale, we’re independent. Our dealership is growing, of course. We offer AutoCheck and I pay out of pocket, so my customers know the vehicle they’re getting.”

Osborne is the sole owner of Ozzy’s. He is a journeyman brick layer so he says he has always worked for a living.

“ I’ve sold cars and stuff as sort of a hobby and have had so many return customers, that I finally went out and got a dealership,” Osborne said. “And, it’s taken off from there. I do absolutely no advertising, it’s all word of mouth.

The location of Ozzy’s in Lucasville has kind of Harley Davidson colors and it really stands out and you can’t miss it, it looks like none other.”

Osborne says that he plans to build these two locations up, and then possibly open a third one where, “I’m the one stop shop for local needs.”

He says that he offers a deal that no other independent dealers are offering right now and “this deal actually involves customers who buy a vehicle from $2,995 ,and above, we’ll actually give a $500 cash off, along with a free oil change or gas fill up, customer’s choice. If they see this article in the paper and come down, we’ll honor that to the customer.”

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