Animal Clinic adds beauty

The cutting of the ribbon for the Grand re-opening of the grooming area of Shawnee Animal Clinic. In center left is Cathy Strickland, office manager (owner, Gail Counts’ sister) and right, Tim Wells owner, along with the staff of Shawnee Animal Clinic.

Brand new beds, soft fluffy blankets, your own personal TV, sights and sounds that are pleasing, and someone who cares for you 24 hours a day, sounds like a marvelous spa anyone would like to visit. However, this place is a suite for animals at the Shawnee Animal Clinic.

A ribbon cutting grand re-opening, was held at Shawnee Animal Clinic on Saturday, October 14, 2017, for their new upgrades/renovations to their grooming area.

Tim Wells and Gail Counts both own Shawnee Animal Clinic, and about 3 or 4 months ago they decided they wanted to upgrade and renovate their grooming area and to then have a grand re-opening. The building was their original building before they moved into the hospital five years ago. Wells said they had kind of been talking about it for a while and decided to do it.

“We redid the flooring and all of the kennels, we redid all of our runs, we made a play area in the back, like an outdoor play area.

Wells said, “We made seven boarding suites, which are basically like a 10×10 or 12×12, as some of them are a little bit larger. That way, your pet can have some personal time. They all have Kuranda beds in them and TV’s. We focused on different colors that are appealing and calming to the pets. In a Dog’s Ear, which is performed by John Leeds and Lisa Spector, is played and is suppose to be calming for your pets.

We are the only boarding place that has someone with their pets 24 hours a day. We have the clinic and have a night shift, we have someone doing rounds all through the night, and it is veterinary supervised.”

They have seven suites that are available and those are private luxury suites and the inside is actually done like a pet hotel.

“We have grooming five days a week, we have Chasity Oliver and her assistant, Angela Slone who have been with Shawnee for a long time. They are excellent, they groom anywhere from 15 to 20 pets a day, which is done, Monday thru Friday. Oliver has clients that drive from all over the state of Ohio. She has lots of clients that drive in from Columbus and Cincinnati. She does an excellent job,” said Wells.

Wells said that he is very excited about the new things that have been done and invites anyone to come and check things out. They can come and take a tour, they just call and schedule a time for a tour of the boarding and grooming facilities. It is open to the community for people to come in and out at any time.

Wendy Bauer, the assistant office manager, added to Wells’ comments about all the new and renovated things in the facility. She said they had decided some time ago, “we wanted to be a fear free practice and what that entails, is making sure that while we are providing quality medicines, that the animals are not streessed while they are there. And, that they are as calm as possible, so it is a good experience for both the pet and the client.

Bauer also says that now when they do any type of project whether new or renovating, they consult like a doggy psychologist to determine what scents and smells, sights and colors they might interpret differently, what ones are pleasing or annoying to them. “When choosing the colors of our suites, we chose hues that they recommended that were perceived in the cat’s and dog’s eye as calming and comforting to them. We took that into consideration as we were painting, it may not be colors that we as humans would choose, but this is for the animals, not us, even when it came down to choosing the music that we chose.” Wells mentioned, that it has been scientifically proven that this kind of classical music is really soothing to them, that’s why they have it playing for them all the time.

“We have scents going, that we have been told by the people who study it, are pleasing to the animals.”Bauer added. She mentioned the flooring was chosen as to what the animals would be walking on, what would have some traction, but yet be able to be cleaned and sanitized easily and often. They also took into consideration, the proper ventilation, which is heat and air controlled.

Bauer also mentioned, like Wells that all the suites have brand new Kuranda beds for the animals. “People can bring their own things from home, but we have everything here, like blankets, treats or toys, because we believe that being comfortable and relaxed is a part of the healing process. We feed the animals good scientifically healthy food, but if owners want to bring their own, they can. We really try to keep everything in tow with their senses, to make it an enjoyable and comfortable stay.”

Wells says one can visit Shawnee Animal Clinic on Facebook and Bauer added that she will, in a few weeks be uploading to their website, photos of their new boarding suites and spa.

“The biggest thing about this, said Bauer, that whether the pets are ill or not, they have 24 hour care. This is highly trained professional care.” This is something most owners of their cherished pets are usually looking for and they can find that right here at Shawnee Animal Clinic.

Shawnee Animal Clinic has been around for a long time, but it sounds like these new accomodations are state of the art. Pet owners can leave their pets at the Clinic and be comforted in the fact, that they are getting the most luxurious and best care an animal coud want.

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