A splash of red

Different crews of firefighters split up the city and were sent all across Portsmouth to service various fire hydrants.

Every year, the fire hydrants of Portsmouth Ohio need a little tender love and care. Thanks to the Portsmouth Fire Department, all of the hydrants are painted and checked on to ensure they’re in proper working order.

Different crews of firefighters split up the city and were sent all across Portsmouth. Two of these guys were Aaron Rawlins and Kyle Moore. They were taking care of the hydrants near Mound Park.

“We’re out here painting hydrants,” Rawlins said. “We do it annually as part of the upkeep that the city has to do. If no one went around and painted them, they would just kind of rust and fall to pieces. It’s pretty important to the infrastructure of the city.”

Taking care of every single fire hydrant is no small task. It is a team effort.

“We’ve got three crews of guys,” Moore said, “and the whole city needs to be painted. Each crew gets a third, and then that gets divided by truck. Most crews can get it taken care of in a few days.”

Ensuring the safety of Portsmouth residents is very important to the Portsmouth Fire Department.

“If we didn’t have hydrants that we hooked into, it might burn down a whole city block just trying to get to the next hydrant down because one isn’t working,” Rawlins said. “We try and do this as a maintenance thing. It keeps the hydrants working like they’re supposed to, and makes life good for everybody.”

Spending countless hours outside in the heat isn’t usually fun, but these gentlemen were doing it with smiles on their faces. Make sure to thank a firefighter if you see them out taking care of the community.