Three cheers for craft beer

Individuals interact at the 4th Annual River Valley Craft Beer Festival.

An individual holds up a craft beer at the 4th Annual River Valley Craft Beer Festival.

Excitement and live music filled the air as hundreds of people gathered outside of The Party Connection Saturday, Sept. 23, for the 4th annual River Valley Craft Beer Festival in Portsmouth Ohio.

The much anticipated event was put on by the Riverdays committee and consisted of more than 25 different breweries and over 100 craft beers to choose from.

Stan Tackett and Kelli Richardson are on the Riverdays board, and helped in organizing the festival.

“This is for people in the area to learn about craft beers,” Tackett said. “It gives a chance for people in the community to taste different beers that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try, and Becky from Party Connection carries most of the beers.”

Record numbers of Portsmouth residents participated in the event.

“It’s been phenomenal,” Richardson said. “We’ve had more people here this year than we’ve ever had before. It gets people out and about in the community, and it gives people a taste of something they’re not used to. Stay tuned for what’s next, because we throw things at the community at any given time.”

The sponsors of the event were The Scioto Ribber, Papa Johns, Party Connection, and Elevator Brewing Company.

This highlight of Portsmouth was enjoyed by many people in the town, and there is hope that events like this will continue to breathe life into the area. Kirk Donges is one resident that appreciated the work that people are putting into revitalizing Portsmouth.

“This is one of the best events that Portsmouth can have going on to continue the excitement of Portsmouth coming back,” Donges said. “It’s building our community.”

Small town pride was booming as local businesses 3rd and Court, as well as The Portsmouth Brewing Company were representing Portsmouth. Apparel based on the town’s history could be bought, and beer brewed in the Boneyfiddle district could be sampled. Luke Zaph, salesman at the Portsmouth Brewing company spent the day promoting some of Portsmouth’s finest beer.

“Everyone has had a good time,” Zaph said, “and we’ve appreciated everyone coming out and supporting our town. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we’re premiering our

pumpkin ale, and the Points and Boundaries IPA for all the hop lovers. If you weren’t here this year, you need to make sure you come next year.”

Live music was provided by Frank Grasso and Devil’s Creek Special. Nick Carr, vocalist and guitarist for Devil’s Creek Special had a good time with the crowd at the event.

“We’ve really enjoyed playing out in the nice weather today,” Carr said. “We play anything that gets people moving.”

All in all, the event was a success. Make sure to check out Portsmouth River Day’s Facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events, and preorder tickets for next year as soon as they are available.