Massacre from Portsmouth

Actor Mark Justice with on the set of “Pool Party Massacre” with Writer/Director Drew Marvick.

Mark Justice

Pool Party Massacre (2017)

McDermott native, turned actor/model, Mark Justice will return to Portsmouth for the release of his upcoming horror film “Pool Party Massacre.”

Justice, son of Lori Hawk (Cox) and Kenneth Justice, is an actor, producer, writer who does both film and stage acting.

“He has worked with and studied under many award winning filmmakers,” his bio states. “Although he has the looks and chops of a leading man, he thoroughly enjoys character acting. His big goal is to position himself to help younger generations turn their dreams into realities, however that may be.”

“Pool Party Massacre,” which premiered April 20 in Las Vegas, is more the stuff of nightmares than dreams.

The film tells the story of a party gone wrong when what started as a relaxing day turns deadly. The film begins with Blair Winthorpe, played by Kristin Noel McKusick, planning a pool party for a few friends at her parent’s mansion.

“None of them seem to notice that there is an unknown killer in the house stalking them,” Justice explained.

The pool party guests continue to be brutally murdered as the killer finds more gruesome ways to accomplish the gory killings.

“Pool Party Massacre” is “a micro budget love letter to both 80s slashers and the VHS tapes on which they often found their lasting home,” Scream Magazine said about the film.

“Working on ‘Pool Party Massacre’ was a huge blast!,” Justice commented. “Working with writer/director Drew Marvick was a total fun zone. I got to really see his love for 80’s horror films and help bring his own vision to life. Drew and I have gotten pretty close since we filmed and likely will collaborate on another project soon – maybe ‘Pool Party Massacre 2.’”

Out of a desire to share the fun of the film with his hometown, Justice decided two do a local premiere near Friday the 13th and Halloween. “Pool Party Massacre” will premiere locally with a red carpet event at Portsmouth 8 Cinema on Thursday, Oct. 12. The red carpet will roll out at 6 p.m. with screenings at 7 and 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Cinema.

“In addition, 98.3 Pulse FM will be doing live coverage of the event and plans to do a prize package and ticket giveaway leading up to the event,” Justice commented.

Justice has other films releasing this year including “Simran” (a Bollywood film) and “Bleach,” starring Justice alongside actress Tara Reid.

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