Births at SOMC

July 11

Kimberly Flagge of Peebles, daughter

Zchary and Melissa Feazell of West Portsmouth, son

July 12

Amanda Stafford of Piketon, daughter

Camden Stiltner and Morgan Stiltner of Portsmouth, son

Jacob and Victoria Browning of West Portsmouth, twin son and daughter

July 13

Heather Groooms and James Grooms of West Union, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Julie Stillwell of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Calvin Beaver and Tiffany Faulkner of Waverly, son

July 14

Cecilia and Paul Hatfield of McDermott, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Meagan Hattle of Lucasville, daughter

Djinn Waugh and Arnold E. McComis of Chillicothe, son

Jahven and Justin Roe of Portsmouth, daughter

July 15

Jessica Brown of Lucasvile, son

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Byrd of Portsmouth, son

Chad Hedrick and Forever Hedrick of Minford, daughter

July 16

Brookelin Parker and Denny Lutz of Wheelersburg, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Amanda Cook of Piketon, daughter

Tyffani Sexton and Joshuah Slusher of Blue Creek, daughter

July 17

Randall L. Reed and Vanessa Howland of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Donna Henthorn of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burton of Minford, daughter

Wes and Chrissy Romanello of Wheelersburg, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Brad Gulley of Morehead (Ky.), daughter

Sara Brown and Christopher Brown of Portsmouth, twin son and daughter

Jesse Childs and Christon Harding of Portsmouth, daughter

July 20

Katrina Tackett and Zachry Vanhoose of Lucasville, son

Kayla Hamilton and Josh Burriss of Garrison (Ky.), son

Amy and John Lee Thomas of Lucasville, son

Ashleigh Armstrong and Thomas Armstrong of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Michayla Hensley and Larry Weaver of Portsmouth, son

Sonja Sirois and Levi McKinley of McDermott, daughter

July 21

Mr. and Mrs. Phipps of Sciotoville, son

July 22

Alexis and C.J. Niziol of Otway, daughter

Cameron and Ashley Caseman of Lucasville, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Sparks of Wheelersburg, daughter

Kyle and Courtney McGraw of Minford, son

Matt Davis and Tiffany Jacobs of Portsmouth, son

July 23

Mr. and Mrs. Hanson of Peebles, son

Randy and Jessica Knipp of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Aaron and Jennifer Saunders of Waverly, son

July 26

Aaron and Emily Crabtree of Greenup (Ky.), son

July 27

Billy and Kaycee Selvage of McDermott, daughter

Anthony and Brittany Mays of Portsmouth, daughter

Shayna Keller of New Boston, daughter

Casey and Jessica Neal of Minford, daughter

Brandon and Brooke Evans of Wheelersburg, daughter

Michael and Miranda McNutt of Blue Creek, daughter

July 28

James and Sharon Merriman of Portsmouth, son

Billy Clark and April Moore of Garrison (Ky.), son

Gina Howard of Wheelersburg, daughter

Marissa Messer and Kris Zaph of Lucasville, son

Angela Davis and Mike Meadows of Wheelersburg, son

July 29

Jessica Bond and Dylan Cummings of Portsmouth, son

Kristen Gloff and Mikey Cline of West Union, daughter

Shelby Reeder of Portsmouth, son

July 30

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and Maddie Burnside of Stout, daughter

Michael and Megan Flannery of Wheelersburg, son

Katlyn Howard and Daniel Kritzwiser of West Portsmouth, daughter

Letha Johnson and Delbert Detty of Franklin Furnace, son

Eric and Carey Slone of Beaver, son

Felicia Day of Portsmouth, daughter

Joseph and Shannon Ohrstrom of Lucasville, daughter

Ashley Castle and Dustin Colvin of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

July 31

Audrey Adams of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Frye of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Garvey of Jackson, daughter

August 2

Aaron Hill and Courtny Snyder of Grove City, son