Flower shows success

The two flower shows presented at the 2017 Scioto County Fair reflect a year of planning for the Garden Clubs of Scioto County. During the year members individually and though club activities chose, planted, and nurtured their selections. Visits to greenhouses, garden centers, seed catalogs, seed exchanges with other members and attending gardening shows all furnished the specimens exhibited.

Flower Show visitors often ask, “How do exhibitors know how to use certain materials for certain designs?” “How does one get magic out of a curved branch and flowers?” Members hone their design skills through attendance at the Ohio Association of Garden Club’s Exhibitor and Design Schools held quarterly at Deer Creek State Park, and with the assistance of other members. Several local designers opened their basements and barns in early summer to host design-building workshops.

Most garden clubs teach proper design at monthly meetings where a particular design is presented and discussed. And the end goal is an award at the Fair.

Here are the 2017 winning designs and blue ribbon specimens in horticulture.

Monday winners are: Irmalee Gampp, Minford Garden Club, Best of Show in Artistic Design; Diane Reese, Slocum Garden Club, Award of Distinction Artistic Design; Jean Moore, Willow Garden Club, Best of Show Container Plants, Ev Veach, Portsmouth Garden Club, Best of Show Horticulture; Juniors: Caden Wilcox of Minford, O. Best of Show Artistic Design; William Dunn of Wheelersburg, O., Best of Show Horticulture.

Thursday Winners are: Carolyn Wilcox, Minford Garden Club Best of Show Artistic Design; MaryLou Beaumont, Slocum Garden Club Award of Distinction; Diane Reese. Slocum Garden Club, Best of Show Horticulture; Juniors: Caden Wilcox Minford, O. Best of Show Artistic Design; Melanie Fuhrmann Minford, Ohio Best of Show Horticulture.

Special Prizes are given for distinction throughout both Flower Shows. Receiving special awards are: Slocum Garden Club Sweepstakes Award; Shelby Powell of Green Triangle Garden Club The Doyle Award. Beverly Norman, Slocum Garden Club received The Anna Cole Award, presented by Willow Garden Club. Diane Reese, Slocum Garden Club received the Mary Ellen Miller Exhibitor of the Year Award.

Lucasville Garden Club- Garden Tours

Preparing for a garden tour can be frightening, because as soon as you have volunteered, you begin to look critically at your garden and panic arrives. As anyone knows everything looks different, when company is coming. What a tour does is force you to look at every inch of your property in short order and attend to clean-up jobs that would normally be allowed to drag on for the season, i.e.: dead-heading, weeding, finishing borders with bricks or cobbles or metal; moving pots to form an aesthetic picture, sweeping and blowering down all the areas that will be trafficked, purchasing annuals for any holes in the picture and reviewing for yourself the horticultural names of the plants, labeled or not, that that you might be asked about. Then there are the last minute details: watering early so the garden is fresh but not soggy; un-staking plants; tidying any vines; and pulling any weeds that surface overnight. The July meeting of Lucasville Garden Club was scheduled for all day, with three tours in the morning and one after lunch in the afternoon. First stop was at the Lucasville home of Linda Scott. The Scott garden is well established, with many old fashion perennials. A newly remodeled deck/porch area was part of the restful décor. Second visit on tour was the home of Becky Smith, where all the flowerbeds were in pristine shape, and the morning sun highlighted the dewy blooms.

Third stop on the tour was just down the street to the home of Teri Horton and the adjoining shop, The Gathering Place. The Horton garden has many planters, beautifully designed and well-placed statuary, some incorporating fountains. After a pleasant visit in the garden, members toured the shop, in awe at the many unique items available.

The afternoon stop included a sumptuous luncheon at the home of Barbara Smith in Minford, and a pleasant visit in her lovely garden with a large variety of plantings.

The club will participate in the Scioto County Fair in August. September meeting will a noon meeting at Giovanni’s in Lucasville. New members are invited.

Slocum Garden Club Members Receive Awards

Region 10 Garden Clubs have participated at the Scioto County Fair for many years. Each year the clubs create two large flower shows and this is no small endeavor, as each show features 10 to 20 designs with live flowers. Preparations begin many weeks prior to the fair, and intensify just before opening. Members descended upon the Scioto County fairgrounds on August 5 to construct “The Farm Yard Exhibition Garden”, a centerpiece for both flower shows on August 7 and 10. Slocum gardeners, Joyce Bays and Mary Lou Beaumont, joined Portsmouth Garden Club’s Melanie Karr and Brenda Wooten, Green Triangle Garden Club’s Sheryl Day and Minford Garden Club’s Diane Allen in providing fencing, a wagon, potted plants, ferns, animals crafted of farm implements, other farm “critters” of cloth, terra cotta and metal, to create the display.

Six Slocum Garden Club members and three junior members entered the artistic competition and provided horticulture specimens in the senior and junior divisions, obtaining numerous awards. Diane Reese received an “Award of Distinction” for a creative design; a “Best of Show” for a “Teddy Bear” sunflower in the August 10 horticulture show; and the coveted “Mary Ellen Miller Exhibitor of the Year” award for receiving the highest point total in both shows, artistic design and horticulture classes. Mary Lou Beaumont received an “Award of Distinction” for her artistic design. William Dunn received a “Best of Show” for his sunflower in the August 7 junior horticulture division. Beverly Norman received the Anna Cole Award for earning most points in the container grown plants section.

Slocum club earned the Sweepstakes Award, awarded for the club earning the most total points in both shows. To win, the club had to have at least one entry in each horticulture class, one entry in each potted plant class and at least five entries in the artistic design classes.

What happens to the hundreds of flowers left after the flower shows? Rather than see them thrown away, club members gathered sunflowers, coleus, celosia, hydrangeas, zinnias and dahlias and took them to River Bend House Assisted Living Center in Wheelersburg and provided a garden therapy activity where residents created pretty bouquets.

Members met late in July to review and prepare for the Scioto County Fair, at the Wheelersburg Dairy Queen Restaurant. The show schedule was reviewed and tips were discussed for the proper presentation of horticultural specimens.

Diane Reese, Club President welcomed members and guest, Shelby Powell.

Reese received the business reports and congratulated the members receiving honors at the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Convention. Teresa Book was named Region 10 Club Member of 2016; Beverly Norman received the “Faye Collins Designer of the Year” award. Region 10 clubs acted as hosts for the entire convention and provided 1,200 favors, table centerpieces and numerous door prizes.

Arrangements were finalized for a garden party on October 6 to honor retiring Region 10 Director, Beverly Norman. Other coming events will be the Fall Regional meeting in October and an event at Lake Vesuvius on September 12, sponsored by the Lawrence Co. garden clubs.

Slocum Garden Club will meet in September at Hillview Retirement Center and new officers and 2017 beautification awards will be presented. Interested in joining a garden club? This is an excellent time to do so, as the new program year for local clubs begins in October. Contact 740-259-4432 for more information.