Telling a story through apparel

3rd and Court is a new apparel business that is bringing back the history of Portsmouth in a new, fresh way.

Who doesn’t want to relive their glory days? Portsmouth is getting it’s chance at 3rd and Court, a new apparel business that is bringing back the history of Portsmouth in a new, fresh way.

“Portsmouth’s not the best town, but it’s our town,” Co-Owner and Designer at 3rd and Court, Connor Sherman said. “Obviously, there’s multiple businesses running through here and it’s all just people that relate being in the same place, making the best of where we are. I think that’s what this is too, embracing where we are and trying to take off with it, trying to get people excited about living in Portsmouth.”

The shop, located inside the lobby at PSKC opened two weeks ago and has released several T-shirt deigns that stir up nostalgia within longtime Portsmouth residents.

“We’re like reviving things from the past but at the same time we’re building community right now, people are excited about it in the present,” Sherman said.

Co-owner of 3rd and Court, Monica Sa, says that she wants to see the business tell the story of Portsmouth through T-shirts.

“We hear so much about the old days where Portsmouth used to do this, and used to have a Martings where you could shop all of the time, and you could go to Chillicothe street and cruise around and hang out, and where did that go,” Sa said.

3rd and Court is one of several new businesses to open it’s doors in Portsmouth, Co-owner Sadie Pachan says she hopes this will make young people think about sticking around the area.

“I think with all of the new businesses that are popping up it fits right in there because we’re trying to bring the young culture,” Pachan said. “To wrap your arms around the younger folks and keep them here and not make it seem like I got to get out of this town.”

To the owners of 3rd and Court, their venture is about much more than T-shirts, it’s about restoring a community.

“Keep building the brand around the culture that we see of Portsmouth and then hopefully the culture will start to change with it,” Pachan said.

The business has seen great success in the short amount of time it’s been open, and it’s clear that it has the support of the community.

“It has become more than just the four of us, I think the entire community is coming together to tell the story,” Sa said.

If bringing the community together is something that they achieve, Sherman says that will make it worth it.

“If all we can do is bring people together and have them talking about the area and about good things that are happening, not trying to hide the past, that’s definitely not what we’re trying to do, but to move forward,” Sherman said. “Community helps people, it really does, so build more of that and hope to see some tangible change.”

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