Orton-Gillingham workshop offered at ESC

Teachers obtain instruction at the Orton-Gillingham workshop offered at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (SCOESC) from this past Monday through Friday.

While students enjoy their summer vacation, teachers are staying busy in the classroom participating in professional development workshops – such as the Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham workshop offered at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center, in New Boston, Ohio, June 19-23.

The basic Orton-Gillingham (OG) training course, designed by Ron Yoshimoto, teaches teachers how to use the foundational multisensory structured language approach to teach reading, writing, and spelling in whole classroom, small intervention group, and one-to-one instructional settings. The course covers three levels of decoding and spelling: sound-symbol (phonology or phonics), syllable (orthology), and beginning morphological or semantic.

“Orton-Gillingham training provides teachers with specific strategies designed to help all students, particularly those who are struggling, learn to read,” said Tammy Hambrick, of the ESC Curriculum Department. “We’re excited to offer teachers in Southern Ohio the opportunity to learn these skills without having to travel to Columbus or Cincinnati. This is the type of professional development that can really help a teacher make a difference in student’s lives.”

The workshop was hosted at the ESC, June 19-23, and taught by Charlotte G. Andrist, Ph. D., NCSP, a certified master trainer with Orton-Gillingham International, LLC.

Andrist holds licenses in reading, special education, and school psychology. She has trained hundreds of teachers in structured literacy approaches, including OG-based multisensory structured language strategies.

In 1992, Andrist initiated and directed the Graduate Reading Programs at Notre Dame College. She also began Reading and Intervention Specialist on-site teacher training cohorts in the Cleveland Municipal School District. She first brought Ron Yoshimoto to Ohio in 2012 to train teachers in the scientifically-based OG approach.

“We focus often on language because that’s critical for comprehension. But the missing piece, really, is that word-recognition piece. That’s what Orton-Gillingham does. It fills in that missing piece. We don’t really teach our teachers the structure of language. It’s not just about phonics. It’s about syllables and how to break words apart,” Andrist said. “It started out as an intervention for dyslexic students, but it’s really a phenomenal primary invention for pre-K, kindergarten, first, and second. If you do that, the changes are astronomical.”

The workshops are sponsored by the South Central Ohio ESC, Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities, and Orton-Gillingham International.

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