Becoming royalty

2016 Junior Fair Queen, Jordan Hileman. 2016 Queen and Court Left to Right: Kelsey Shope, Jordan Hileman, Kaitlyn Maddox, Shyanne Zoellner, and Melanie Fuhrmann.

2016 Queen and Court

Left to Right: Kelsey Shope, Jordan Hileman, Kaitlyn Maddox, Shyanne Zoellner, and Melanie Fuhrmann.

The Scioto County 4H extension office has announced an extended deadline for their Junior Fair Queen contest.

Applications will now be accepted until June 15. Applications can be picked up or dropped off to the Scioto County 4H Extension office located within the Scioto County Courthouse, 602 7th St., in Room 7. Applications can also be found online by visiting, click on the 4H Youth Development tab under the Program Areas heading. From there, you can find 4H Forms and Applications section.

Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 18 as of Jan. 1, 2017 and a member of at least one of the following organizations: 4H, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), SkillsUSA (formerly known as Vocational Industrial Clubs of America VICA) or Girl Scouts.

According to the Junior Fair Queen Mission Statement, the contest seeks young women who, “should be well spoken and carry herself with poise, respect, and a sense of self-worth. She should be intelligent, energetic, honest, and outgoing. She should be a leader who shows initiative and a sense of pride and commitment. The young lady we are in search of should be a well-rounded individual with her own voice and thoughts, who participates in activities not just for recreation, but to make a difference. She should participate in both her school and community beyond that which is expected of her. Overall, she should stand out from her peers and be a role model for those of all ages.”

Contestant rules are as follows according to the mission statement:

  • The contestant must be not married nor been married, nor have borne a child.
  • Contestants must be a member or an alumnus of one or more of the organizations represented by the junior fair board – 4-H, Girl Scouts, FCCLA, FFA, and SkillsUSA/VICA.
  • Contestants must be available the week of the fair. The Queen and her court are expected to perform daily duties at the fair and should be available to complete those duties.
  • Each contestant and a parent must sign a commitment stating that they will fulfill their duties if selected to the fair queen court. Failure to sign this agreement will result in the contestant being removed from competition. If a contestant is selected and is found not to be fulfilling her commitments, for example not showing up at one’s assigned duties, the Fair Queen Committee may remove her from the court and she will forfeit all awards.

Reigning Queen, Jordan Hileman, a graduate of Portsmouth West High School, said that her experience as Junior Fair Queen has been a rewarding time. Hileman was crowned in 2016 and will continue her duties until a new queen is crowned during the Scioto County Fair in August.

“I’ve been in 4H my entire life, I’m involved in a lot of projects. I do livestock, I take pigs, dairy cows and do still projects. I’m also a member of the Junior Fair Board and I’ve done clothing projects and I served on the Ohio State Fashion Board for two straight years,” said Hileman. “I just thought I had a good experience through 4H and I knew I would be a great spokesperson for the program through traveling to different fairs and festivals all over Ohio.”

Hileman explained that queen selection is based on three rounds of judging.

The first being an activities report, where the contestants provide a report of all the activities they’ve been involved in. Contestants are not present for this portion of the judging. Each report is given a score based on four areas: Participation, Leadership, Achievement, and Initiative.

Following the activity report, contestants move into the interview phase. Contestants are interviewed by the judges, questions are generated based on the contestants activity reports. The contestants are judged on poise and personality, self- presentation, personal appearance, and responsiveness to questions.

The last portion is a stage-presence contest. Each participant answers an on-stage question, each contestant answers the same question.

To ensure contestants do not duplicate answers, each contestant will compete on stage individually and will be kept in a separate area away from the stage prior to being asked the question. This phase of competition will be to judge the contestant’s overall presentation, poise and personality, responsiveness to a question, and her ability to speak in front of an audience.

After which, the Top Five contestants are announced in a random order. The placement is not revealed until the awards ceremony on Monday. Then the 2017 Junior Fair Queen will be crowned and the first runner-up and three Princesses announced.

“The entire court has duties, we all work together as a team. We do still project judging. We pass out awards, and as Queen, I announce the awards and the Court hands out the ribbons. On Sunday this year, they won’t know who the queen is, so I’ll help with shows and awards. On Monday, they’ll announce the new queen. That entire week, they’ll go to livestock shows, Clover Bud interviews, anything that’s going on at the fair, they’re present for,” said Hileman. “After our fair is over, the queen will travel to different fairs and festivals as representative of Scioto County and a spokesperson for our fair.”

But being the Junior Fair Queen isn’t just about public appearances. There are also scholarship opportunities, the Scioto County 4H office awards a $250 scholarship to the queen. Queens can go on to compete in other competitions as well.

“I went on to compete for Ohio’s Fair Queen after being crowned Scioto County Junior Fair Queen. There were hundreds of competitors, they weren’t just from county fairs, but independent fairs as well. I made it to the top 16, it was an awesome chance to meet new people and promote our area. I had a great time and made wonderful friends,” said Hileman.

The Scioto County Fair will take place August 7 through August 12 at 1193 Fairground Road, Lucasville. For a full schedule of events and more information, please visit

For more information about the Junior Fair Queen Contest, please contact the Scioto County 4H Extension Office at 740-354-7879.

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