Goblin head frightens again

With the head is other movie memorabilia such as a piece of Freddy Kruger’s sleeve signed by Robert Englund and many of his co-stars.

Film prop from Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrives is terrorizing the neighborhood.

The giant goblin head, owned and restored by Tim Shockey, of Piketon, runs of the highways of the nation striking fear in the hearts of drivers.

A legendary piece of horror history finds its home in the local area. Residents of Piketon may have seen the red glowing eyes that once terrorized a group of people trapped in a truck stop – people who experienced what happens when nightmares come true and machines come to life.

Tim Shockey recently restored and started touring the green goblin head that was used on the Happy Toyz Truck in Stephen King’s 1986 film Maximum Overdrive, which starred Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, and Laura Harrington. Shockey acquired the legendary piece of horror history way back in 1987. At that time, Shockey owned a local video rental store – Uncle Jim’s Video Land.

Shockey and his wife first bought the video store because she was looking for something to do, and he enjoyed movies. Overtime, his cinema passion grew.

“We watched ever movie that was in it and every new movie that came out,” he explained.

Shockey’s family was from Wilmington, N.C., where Maximum Overdrive was filmed. Being that it was a new release, he had seen the film. One day, Shockey received a call from his brother saying that there was this great item someone was selling and that he thought it would be great in the video store.

When Shockey found out what the item was, he knew he must have it. He immediately went to pick up the giant head, driving all night. While speaking with the previous owner, Shockey found out that one day (not too long after the movie filmed) this guy saw a truck carrying the head heading towards a junkyard. He called the junkyard and told them that he wanted the head, which they gave to him at no cost. Unfortunately, the guy was unable to keep the head because he was moving into an apartment, where he would not have room to store the piece. Shockey was happy to become the new owner even though the head was in a much worse condition than he expected.

“I always loved movie props,” he explained.

Working in the video store allowed him to also collect movie posters, promotional items and even signed props. Though Shockey closed the video store several years later, he kept the giant head. It served as a memorial to a cinema great as it decayed in his backyard for 25 years .

During that time, the head suffered burn and weather damage. Shockey decided the damage was too much when his wife hit the goblin head with the lawnmower and knocked off part of its ear. Shockey decided it was time to do the piece justice and restore the goblin, a dream he had always had.

He started restoring the monstrosity in 2011 and did not complete the project for two years. Shockey was working on the project evenings and weekends the entire time. He had sanded the head and repaired the fiberglass. Soon, it was looking brand new.

Though Shockey has bins full of movie props now, the green goblin head was his first. It had some sentimental value to him.

“It was in really bad shape,” he stated. “That was my first and last fiberglass job.”

Since Shockey finished the head, he has taken it on tour around the nation. He has shown it off at horror conventions and even on the side of the road. He has taken the head to conventions in many U.S. cities including Cincinnati, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Cleveland. The head’s first convention was the famous Horrorhoud, which draws in crowds in the thousands and the best of the best in horror entertainment.

“I finished on Sunday. The following Friday I was unloading at Horrorhound. You could still smell the paint,” Shockey remembered.

While working on the head, Shockey saved all of the dust from sanding down parts of the head. He also collected larger pieces that has to be cut off. He now sells both dust and pieces of the head as well as t-shirts and photos.

In traveling, Shockey said that he has gotten to meet many interesting people including cast members from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars, and the Exorcist. He has even met Emilio Estevez. Shockey says that many of these famous stars have become really good friends.

After meeting Patricia Quinn, who played Magenta in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, he gave her a t-shirt that she promised to wear to conventions as a night shirt. She had given him a free autograph, so a free shirt and picture with the head seemed like a fair trade. Shockey did not know that one year later he would meet her again and she would run to him, telling him how she had the shirt upstairs in her room.

“I get to meet some really cool people,” Shockey commented.

Since taking the head on tour, he has also bought a trailer that is wrapped in movie details. In fact, the back of the trailer is printed with an image straight from the film – the image of the back of the killer truck that shows a clown head. The image comes from a scene after the truck hits a bible salesman, and his blood is splattered across the clown.

“If there is anything people will recognize, its that image,” Shockey explained.

He is currently working on adding lights and speakers that will play the film soundtrack.

The newly completed trailer draws so much attention that during a stop to eat, he looked outside to a crowd of 200 people including police who arrived to break up the scene. After explaining to the officers what was in the trailer, they too were excited to see the goblin head that Shockey’s three-year-old granddaughter affectionately calls “the Gobby.”

Shockey has also since collected several other items that he takes on tours including Adam Sandler’s football from The Longest Yard, the mask from Scream and a Freddy sleeve from a Nightmare on Elm Street trailer. Shockey has had many of the items signed as he met stars at conventions.

This year, Shockey hopes to return to Horrorhound. He is currently booked for six shows but is not done scheduling. To follow the tour locations and for other information follow the goblinhead at https://www.facebook.com/GreenGoblinHead or visit www.TheGoblinProject.com.

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